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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2013 A winter distribution model for Bicknell's Thrush (Catharus bicknelli), a conservation tool for a threatened migratory songbird McFarland, K. P.; Rimmer, C. C.; Goetz, J. E.; Aubry, Y.; Wunderle Jr., J. M.; Hayes-Sutton, A.; Townsend, J. M.; Llanes Sosa, A.; Kirkconnell, A.; IITF
2013 Birds of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire Wunderle Jr., J. M. IITF
2013 Chemical constituents in clouds and rainwater in the Puerto Rican rainforest: potential sources and seasonal drivers Gioda, A.; Mayol-Bracero, O.L.; Scatena, F. N.; Weathers, K. C.; Mateus, V. L.; McDowell, W. H.; IITF
2013 Comunidades de aves y lepidopteros diurnos y las relaciones entre ellas en bosque nuboso y cafetal de Finca Santa Maura, Jinotega Torrez, M.; Arendt, W.; Maes, J. M.; IITF
2013 Ecosystem resilience despite large-scale altered hydroclimatic conditions Ponce Campos, G. E.; Moran, M. S.; Huete, A.; Zhang, Y.; Bresloff, C.; Huxman, T.E.; Eamus, D.; Bosch, D. D.; Buda, A. R.; Gunter, S. A.; Heartsill Scalley, T.; Kitchen, S. G.; McClaran, M. P.; McNab, W. H.; Montoya, D. S.; Morgan, J. A.; Peters, D. P. C.; Sadler, E. J.; Seyfried, M. S.; Starks, P. J.; IITF
2013 Soil nutrient availability and reproductive effort drive patterns in nutrient resorption in Pentachlethra macroloba Tully, K. L.; Wood, T. E.; Schwantes, A. M.; Lawrence, D.; IITF
2013 Spatial patterns of distribution and abundance of Harrisia portoricensis, an endangered Caribbean cactus Rojas-Sandoval, J.; Melendez-Ackerman, E. J.; , ; IITF
2012 Amazon forest carbon dynamics predicted by profiles of canopy leaf area and light environment Stark, S. C.; Leitold, V.; Wu, J. L.; Hunter, M. O.; de Castilho, C. V.; Costa, F. R. C.; McMahon, S. M.; Parker, G. G.; Takako Shimabukuro, M.; Lefsky, M. A.; Keller, M.; Alves, L. F.; Schietti, J.; Shimabukuro, Y. E.; Brandao, D. O.; Woodcock, T. K.; Higuchi, N.; de Camargo, P. B; de Oliveira, R. C.; Saleska, S. R.; IITF
2012 Bryophyte species diversity in secondary forests dominated by the introduced species Spathodea campanulata Beauv. in Puerto Rico Perez, M. E.; Sastre de Jesús, I.; Lugo, A. E.; Abelleira Martínez, O. J.; IITF
2012 Caribbean landscapes and their biodiversity Lugo, A. E.; Helmer, E. H.; Santiago Valentín, E.; IITF
2012 Cartographic essay: the various shapes of the insular Caribbean: population and environment López Marrero, T. M.; Yamane, K.; Heartsill Scalley, T.; Villanueva Colón, N.; IITF
2012 Climate change and birds in the forgotten tropics: the importance of tropical dry forests Toms, J. D.; Faaborg, J.; Arendt, W. J.; IITF
2012 Freshwater resources in the insular Caribbean: an environmental perspective Heartsill Scalley, T. IITF
2012 Get up, stand up:environmental situation, threats, and opportunities in the insular Caribbean López-Marrero, T.; Heartsill-Scalley, T.; IITF
2012 Long-term soil gas flux and root mortality, Tapajos National Forest Silver, W. L.; Thompson, A. W.; McGroddy, M. E.; Varner, R. K.; Robertson, J. R.; Dias, J. D.; Silva, H.; Crill, P.; Keller, M.; IITF
2012 NEON terrestrial field observations: designing continental scale, standardized sampling Kao, R. H.; Gibson, C.M.; Gallery, R. E.; Meier, C. L.; Barnett, D. T.; Docherty, K. M.; Blevins, K. K.; Travers, P. D.; Azuaje, E.; Springer, Y. P.; Thibault, K. M.; McKenzie, V. J.; Keller, M.; Alves, L. F.; Hinckley, E. L. S.; Parnell, J.; Schimel, D.; IITF
2012 Strong spatial variability in trace gas dynamics following experimental drought in a humid tropical forest Wood, T. E.; Silver, W. L.; , ; IITF
2012 The IXth Neotropical Ornithological Congress in Peru (Cusco, 8-14 November 2011) Servat, G. P.; Wunderle Jr., J. M.; IITF
2011 LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil trace gas fluxes km 67 Seca-Floresta Site, Tapajos National Forest Varner, R. K.; Keller, M.; IITF
2011 The relationship between land cover and the urban heat island in northeastern Puerto Rico Murphy, D. J.; Hall, M. H.; Hall, C. A. S.; Heisler, G. M.; Stehman, S. V.; Anselmi-Molina, C.; , ; IITF
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