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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2014 Advancing urban sustainability theory and action: Challenges and opportunities Childers, Daniel L.; Pickett, Steward T.A.; Grove, J. Morgan; Ogden, Laura; Whitmer, Alison.; NRS
2014 Assessing and comparing risk to climate changes among forested locations: implications for ecosystem services Matthews, Stephen N.; Iverson, Louis R.; Peters, Matthew P.; Prasad, Anantha M.; Subburayalu, Sakthi.; NRS
2014 Chapter 3 Forest processes Ryan, Michael G.; Vose, James M.; Hanson, Paul J.; Iverson, Louis R.; Miniat, Chelcy F.; Luce, Charles H.; Band, Lawrence E.; Klein, Steven L.; McKenzie, Don; Wear, David N.; NRS
2014 Chapter 9 Risk assessment Ojima, Dennis S.; Iverson, Louis R.; Sohngen, Brent L.; Vose, James M.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Domke, Grant M.; Peterson, David L.; Littell, Jeremy S.; Matthews, Stephen N.; Prasad, Anantha M.; Peters, Matthew P.; Yohe, Gary W.; Friggens, Megan M.; NRS
2014 Coupled hydrological and biogeochemical processes controlling variability of nitrogen species in streamflow during autumn in an upland forest Sebestyen, Stephen D.; Shanley, James B.; Boyer, Elizabeth W.; Kendall, Carol; Doctor, Daniel H.; NRS
2014 Effectiveness of landowner assistance activities: an examination of the USDA Forest Service's Forest Stewardship Program Butler, Brett J.; Markowski-Lindsay, Marla; Snyder, Stephanie; Catanzaro, Paul; Kittredge, David B.; Andrejczyk, Kyle; Dickinson, Brenton J.; Eryilmaz, Derya; Hewes, Jaketon H.; Randler, Paula; Tadle, Donna; Kilgore, Michael A.; NRS
2014 Five anthropogenic factors that will radically alter forest conditions and management needs in the Northern United States Shifley, Stephen R.; Moser, W. Keith; Nowak, David J.; Miles, Patrick D.; Butler, Brett J.; Aguilar, Francisco X.; DeSantis, Ryan D.; Greenfield, Eric J.; NRS
2014 Forests of Illinois, 2013 Crocker, Susan J. NRS
2014 Forests of Iowa, 2013 Nelson, Mark D.; Brewer, Matt.; NRS
2014 Forests of South Dakota, 2013 Walters, Brian F. NRS
2014 Harvest-created canopy gaps increase species and functional trait diversity of the forest ground-layer community Kern, Christel C.; Montgomery, Rebecca A.; Reich, Peter B.; Strong, Terry F.; NRS
2014 Michigan forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework project Handler, Stephen; Duveneck, Matthew J.; Iverson, Louis; Peters, Emily; Scheller, Robert M.; Wythers, Kirk R.; Brandt, Leslie; Butler, Patricia; Janowiak, Maria; Shannon, P. Danielle; Swanston, Chris; Eagle, Amy Clark; Cohen, Joshua G.; Corner, Rich; Reich, Peter B.; Baker, Tim; Chhin, Sophan; Clark, Eric; Fehringer, David; Fosgitt, Jon; Gries, James; Hall, Christine; Hall, Kimberly R.; Heyd, Robert; Hoving, Christopher L.; Ibáñez, Ines; Kuhr, Don; Matthews, Stephen; Muladore, Jennifer; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Neumann, David; Peters, Matthew; Prasad, Anantha; Sands, Matt; Swaty, Randy; Wonch, Leiloni; Daley, Jad; Davenport, Mae; Emery, Marla R.; Johnson, Gary; Johnson, Lucinda; Neitzel, David; Rissman, Adena; Rittenhouse, Chadwick; Ziel, Robert.; NRS
2014 Recognizing resilience Svendsen, Erika S.; Baine, Gillian; Northridge, Mary E.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Metcalf, Sara S.; NRS
2014 Spruce budworm returns to Northeast Irland, Lloyd; McWilliams, William H.; NRS
2014 (Text) Mining the LANDscape: Themes and Trends over 40 years of Landscape and Urban Planning Gobster, Paul H. NRS
2014 The distribution of a non-native (Rosa multiflora) and native (Kalmia latifolia) shrub in mature closed-canopy forests across soil fertility gradients Huebner, Cynthia D.; Steinman, Jim; Hutchinson, Todd F.; Ristau, Todd E.; Royo, Alejandro A.; NRS
2014 Using traditional ecological knowledge as a basis for targeted forest inventory: paper birch (Betula papyrifera) in the US Great Lakes Region Emery, Marla R.; Wrobel, Alexandra; Hansen, Mark H.; Dockry, Michael; Moser, W. Keith; Stark, Kekek Jason; Gilbert, Jonathan H.; NRS
2014 Using urban forest assessment tools to model bird habitat potential Lerman, Susannah B.; Nislow, Keith H.; Nowak, David J.; DeStefano, Stephen; King, David I.; Jones-Farrand, D. Todd.; NRS
2013 Differential abundance of microbial functional groups along the elevation gradient from the coast to the Luquillo Mountains Cantrell, Sharon A.; Lodge, D. Jean; Cruz, Carlos A.; García, Luis M.; Pérez-Jiménez, Jose R.; Molina, Marirosa.; NRS
2013 Kansas timber industry: an assessment of timber product output and use, 2009 Haugen, David E. NRS
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