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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2016 Additive nonlinear biomass equations: A likelihood-based approach Affleck, David L. R.; Dieguez-Aranda, Ulises; RMRS
2016 Assessing temporal genetic variation in a cougar population: Influence of harvest and neighboring populations Juarez, Rebeca L.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Pilgrim, Kristine L.; Thompson, Daniel J.; Tucker, Stephanie A.; Smith, Joshua B.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; RMRS
2016 Current knowledge and attitudes: Russian olive biology, ecology and management Sing, Sharlene E.; Delaney, Kevin J.; RMRS
2016 Effects of feral horse herds on plant communities across a precipitation gradient Baur, Laura RMRS
2016 Effects of forest cover on drinking water treatment costs Warziniack, Travis; Sham, Chi Ho; Morgan, Robert; Feferholtz, Yasha; RMRS
2016 Effects of prescribed fire on wildlife and wildlife habitat in selected ecosystems of North America Block, William M.; Conner, L. Mike; Brewer, Paul A.; Ford, Paulette; Haufler, Jonathan; Litt, Andrea; Masters, Ronald E.; Mitchell, Laura R.; Park, Jane; RMRS
2016 Fire history and moisture influences on historical forest age structure in the sky islands of southern Arizona, USA Iniguez, Jose M.; Swetnam, Thomas W.; Baisan, Christopher H.; RMRS
2016 Forbs: Foundation for restoration of monarch butterflies, other pollinators, and greater sage-grouse in the western United States Dumroese, Kas; Luna, Tara; Pinto, Jeremy; Landis, Thomas D.; RMRS
2016 Great Basin Factsheet Series 2016 - Information and tools to restore and conserve Great Basin ecosystems Chambers, Jeanne C. RMRS
2016 Himalayan uplift shaped biomes in Miocene temperate Asia: evidence from leguminous Caragana Zhang, Ming-Li; Xiang, Xiao-Guo; Xue, Juan-Juan; Sanderson, Stewart C.; Fritsch, Peter W.; RMRS
2016 Managing bark beetle impacts on ecosystems and society: Priority questions to motivate future research Morris, Jesse L.; Cottrell, Stuart; Fettig, Chris; Hansen, Winslow D.; Sherriff, Rosemary L.; Carter, Vachel A.; Clear, Jennifer L.; Clement, Jessica; DeRose, R. Justin; Hicke, Jeffrey A.; Higuera, Philip E.; Mattor, Katherine M.; Seddon, Alistair W. R.; Sepp, Heikki T.; Stednick, John D.; Seybold, Steven J.; RMRS
2016 Native species richness buffers invader impact in undisturbed but not disturbed grassland assemblages Pinto, Sarah M.; Ortega, Yvette K.; RMRS
2016 Negative plant-soil feedbacks increase with plant abundance, and are unchanged by competition Maron, John L.; Smith, Alyssa Laney; Ortega, Yvette K.; Pearson, Dean E.; Callaway, Ragan M.; RMRS
2016 Scat-detection dogs survey low density moose in New York Kretser, Heidi; Glennon, Michale; Whitelaw, Alice; Hurt, Aimee; Pilgrim, Kristine; Schwartz, Michael; RMRS
2016 Stakeholder perceptions: Biological control of Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) Sing, Sharlene E.; Delaney, Kevin J.; RMRS
2015 Generalized and synthetic regression estimators for randomized branch sampling Affleck, David L. R.; Gregoire, Timothy G.; RMRS
2015 Taxonomy, phylogenetics and biogeography of Chesneya (Fabaceae), evidenced from data of three sequences, ITS, trnS-trnG, and rbcL Zhang, Ming-Li; Wen, Zhi-Bin; Hao, Xiao-Li; Byalt, Vyacheslav V.; Sukhorukov, Alexander P.; Sanderson, Stewart C.; RMRS
2015 Temporal correlations in population trends: Conservation implications from time-series analysis of diverse animal taxa Keith, David; Akcakaya, H. Resit; Butchart, Stuart H.M.; Collen, Ben; Dulvy, Nicholas K.; Holmes, Elizabeth E.; Hutchings, Jeffrey A.; Keinath, Doug; Schwartz, Michael K.; Shelton, Andrew O.; Waples, Robin S.; RMRS
2014 Evaluation of fisher restoration in Olympic National Park and the Olympic Recovery Area: 2013 Annual Progress Report Happe, Patricia J.; Jenkins, Kurt J.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Lewis, Jeffrey C.; Aubry, Keith B.; RMRS
1973 Uses and capabilities of electronic capacitance instruments for estimating standing herbage Currie, P. O.; Morris, M. J.; Neal, D. L.; RMRS
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