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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2016 Applications of landscape genetics to connectivity research in terrestrial animals [Chapter 12] Waits, Lisette P.; Cushman, Samuel A.; Spear, Steve F.; RMRS
2016 Current status, future opportunities, and remaining challenges in landscape genetics [Chapter 14] Balkenhol, Niko; Cushman, Samuel A.; Waits, Lisette P.; Storfer, Andrew; RMRS
2016 Have we been successful? Monitoring horizontal forest complexity for forest restoration projects Dickinson, Yvette L.; Pelz, Kristen A.; Giles, Emma; Howie, Josh; RMRS
2015 Group clearfell harvest can promote regeneration of aspen forests affected by sudden aspen decline in western Colorado Shepperd, Wayne D.; Smith, Frederick W.; Pelz, Kristen A.; RMRS
2013 Forage composition, productivity, and utilization in the Eastern Washington Cascade Range Lehmkuhl, John F.; Lyons, Andrea L.; Bracken, Edd; Leingang, Jodi; Gaines, William L.; Dodson, Erich Kyle; Singleton, Peter H.; RMRS
2013 How will aspen respond to mountain pine beetle? A review of literature and discussion of knowledge gaps Pelz, Kristen A.; Smith, Frederick W.; RMRS
2012 Thirty year change in lodgepole and lodgepole/mixed conifer forest structure following 1980s mountain pine beetle outbreak in western Colorado, USA Pelz, Kristen A.; Smith, Frederick W.; RMRS
2010 Mulching effects on vegetation recovery following high severity wildfire in north-central Washington State, USA Dodson, Erich Kyle; Peterson, David W.; RMRS
2009 Pretreatment variation in overstory and understory vegetation [Chapter 2] Harrod, Richy J.; Dodson, Erich Kyle; Povak, Nicholas A.; Peterson, David W.; RMRS
2005 ECO-Report - Scale matters - some thoughts on landscape sustainability Ritter, Sharon; Canton-Thompson, Janie; Jones, Greg; McCaughey, Ward; Calkin, Dave; Harrington, Mick; Kolb, Peter; Hollingsworth, LaWen; Jensen, Joe; Knotek, Katie; Thompson, Brooke; RMRS
2004 ECO-Report - Great issues, great diversions Canton-Thompson, Janie; Saveland, Jim; Ritter, Sharon; Ortega, Yvette K; Pearson, Dean F.; Harrington, Mick; Sutherland, Elaine Kennedy; Cook, Clint; Jones, Greg; RMRS
2003 ECO-Report - The case for research: How it makes a difference to managers Canton-Thompson, Janie; Patton-Mallory, Marcia; Heald, Sue; Ritter, Sharon; Pfister, Robert D.; Pearson, Dean E.; Ortega, Yvette K.; Watson, Alan; Sutherland, Elaine Kennedy; Jones, Greg; RMRS
2002 ECO-Report - Fire recovery in the Bitterroot: "It’s a lot of work!" Canton-Thompson, Janie; Ritter, Sharon; Campbell, Dave; Schreck, Julie; Kolb, Peter; Thompson, Brooke; Zuuring, Hans; Watson, Alan; Ortega, Yvette; McKelvey, Kevin; Sutherland, Elaine Kennedy; Jones, Greg; RMRS
2001 ECO-Report - One ranger's experience in summer 2000 Canton-Thompson, Janie; Jones, Greg; Smith, Jane Kapler; Rice, Peter; Harrington, Mick; Sutherland, Elaine Kennedy; McKelvey, Kevin; Ortega, Yvette; McCaughey, Ward; Pfister, Robert; Jones, Greg; Swanson, Larry; Wright, Vita; RMRS
1999 ECO-Report - 1999 Symposium highlights five years of learning Canton-Thompson, Janie; Smith, Jane Kapler; Jones, Greg; Brown, Perry J.; Arno, Stephen F.; Daniels, Orville L.; Burk, Dale A.; Hardy, Colin C.; Silvieus, Dave; Pflug, Kristi D.; Winhorst, Bruce; Thompson, Brooke; Ortega, Yvette K.; McKelvey, Kevin S.; Thompson, Tom; Pearson, Dean E.; Stewart, Cathy; Sullivan, Janet; RMRS
1998 ECO-Report - Research-management-public partnership continues Smith, Jane Kapler; Jones, Greg; Christianson, Nan; Solorzano, Lucia; Weisgerber, Gloria; Arno, Steve; Hejl, Sallie J.; Wheeler, F. Jeremy; Redman, Timothy S.; Tewksbury, Joshua J.; DeLuca, Tom; Zouhar, K.; RMRS
1997 ECO-Report - Collaboration at the heart of the job Smith, Jane Kapler; Solorzano, Lucia; Howard, Janet; Arno, Steve; Wagner, Thomas G.; Keane, Robert; Lyon, L. Jack; Jones, J. Greg; Heald, Sue; RMRS
1996 ECO-Report - Halfway home Smith, Jane Kapler; Sullivan, Janet; Carlson, Clinton E.; Lyon, L. Jack; Tewksbury, J.; Hejl, S.; Martin, T.; Arno, Stephen F.; McCaughey, Ward; Stewart, Cathy; Hardy, Colin; Jones, J. Greg; Kempf, Madelyn; Weldon, Leslie; RMRS
1995 ECO-News - BEMRP: A first of its kind within the Forest Service Kempf, Madelyn; Foresman, Kerry; Lyon, Jack; Arno, Steve; Chojnacky, Cindy; RMRS
1992 Forest Research Nursery Waste Water Management Plan, Integrated Pest Management Plan, and pesticide safety Dumroese, Kas; Wenny, David L.; RMRS
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