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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2015 Apparent foraging success reflects habitat quality in an irruptive species, the Black-backed Woodpecker Rota, Christopher T.; Rumble, Mark A.; Lehman, Chad P.; Kesler, Dylan C.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; RMRS
2015 Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Program: 2014 Research Accomplishments Heinsch, Faith Ann; Innes, Robin J.; Hardy, Colin C.; Lee, Kristine M.; RMRS
2015 Impacts of upwind wildfire emissions on CO, CO2, and PM2.5 concentrations in Salt Lake City, Utah Mallia, D. V.; Lin, J. C.; Urbanski, S.; Ehleringer, J.; Nehrkorn, T.; RMRS
2015 Negative consequences of positive feedbacks in US wildfire management Calkin, David E.; Thompson, Matthew P.; Finney, Mark A.; RMRS
2015 Opinion: The use of natural hazard modeling for decision making under uncertainty Calkin, David E.; Mentis, Mike; RMRS
2015 Protocol for collecting eDNA samples from streams [Version 2.1] Carim, K. J.; Wilcox, T.; Young, M. K.; McKelvey, K. S.; Schwartz, M. K.; RMRS
2015 Soil microbial community resilience with tree thinning in a 40-year-old experimental ponderosa pine forest Overby, Steven T.; Owen, Suzanne M.; Hart, Stephen C.; Neary, Daniel G.; Johnson, Nancy C.; RMRS
2015 Using container weights to determine irrigation needs: A simple method Dumroese, R. Kasten; Montville, Mark E.; Pinto, Jeremiah R.; RMRS
2014 Aerosol emissions from prescribed fires in the United States: A synthesis of laboratory and aircraft measurements May, A. A.; McMeeking, G. R.; Lee, T.; Taylor, J. W.; Craven, J. S.; Burling, I.; Sullivan, A. P.; Akagi, S.; Collett, J. L. Jr.; Flynn, M.; Coe, H.; Urbanski, S. P.; Seinfeld, J. H.; Yokelson, R. J.; Kreidenweis, S. M.; RMRS
2014 Mt. Graham red squirrel use of forest habitat: Historical, present, and future perspectives O’Connor, Christopher D.; Koprowski, John L.; Lynch, Ann M.; Falk, Donald A.; RMRS
2014 Post-fire forest dynamics and climate variability affect spatial and temporal properties of spruce beetle outbreaks on a Sky Island mountain range O'Connor, Christopher D.; Lynch, Ann M.; Falk, Donald A.; Swetnam, Thomas W.; RMRS
2014 Spruce aphid (Elatobium abietinum Walker) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) [Chapter XXIV] Lynch, Ann M. RMRS
2013 Cordilleran forest scaling dynamics and disturbance regimes quantified by aerial LiDAR Swetnam, Tyson L. RMRS
2013 Coronado National Forest Draft Land and Resource Management Plan: Cochise, Graham, Pima, Pinal, and Santa Cruz Counties, Arizona, and Hidalgo County, New Mexico Austin, Terry; Begay, Yolynda; Biedenbender, Sharon; Biggs, Rachael; Boyle, Erin; Curiel, Eli; Davis, Sarah; Dechter, Sara; Emmett, Tami; Farrell, Mary; Gerhart, Richard; Gillespie, William; Haessig, Polly; Holloway, Ed; Jenkins, Melissa; Jones, Larry; Kriegel, Debby; Lefevre, Robert; Stamer, Mark; Lehew, Mindi; Lynch, Ann; McKay, George; Peery, Linda; Peralta, Albert; Ruyle, Jennifer; Sautter, Jeremy; Schoenle, Kenna; Shafiqullah, Salek; Stetson, Christopher; Vogel, Mindi Sue; White, Laura; Wilcox, Craig; York, Judy; RMRS
2013 Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Revision of the Coronado National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan: Cochise, Graham, Pima, Pinal, and Santa Cruz Counties, Arizona; Hidalgo County, New Mexico Peralta, Albert; Campbell, Andrea Wargo; Lynch, Ann; Bowen, Cheri; Stetson, Christopher; Wilcox, Craig; Zormeier, Daniela; Kriegel, Debby; Jaworski, Delilah; Walters, Dustin; Curiel, Eli; Boyle, Erin; McKay, George; Moser, Janet; Morrissey, Jennifer; Ruyle, Jennifer M.; Sautter, Jeremy; York, Judy; Schoenle, Kenna; Jones, Larry; White, Laura; Peery, Linda; Farrell, Mary; Lehew, Mindi; Vogel, Mindy Sue; Laluk, Nicholas; Biggs, Rachael; Lefevre, Robert; Gerhart, Richard; Shafiqullah, Salek; Dechter, Sara; Davis, Sarah; Biedenbender, Sharon; Emmett, Tami; Austin, Terry; Gillespie, William; Begay, Yolynda; RMRS
2013 Spatial and temporal dynamics of disturbance interactions along an ecological gradient O'Connor, Christopher D. RMRS
2012 An annotated bibliography of scientific literature on research and management activities conducted in Manitou Experimental Forest Abrahamson, Ilana RMRS
2006 Invasion of an exotic forb impacts reproductive success and site fidelity of a migratory songbird Ortega, Yvette Katina; McKelvey, Kevin Scot; Six, Diana Lee; RMRS
2005 Weak vs. strong invaders of natural plant communities: Assessing invasibility and impact Ortega, Yvette K.; Pearson, Dean E.; RMRS
1996 Human values and codes of behavior: Changes in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness visitors and their attitudes Watson, Alan E.; Hendee, John C.; Zaglauer, Hans P.; RMRS
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