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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2014 A landscape scale valley confinement algorithm: Delineating unconfined valley bottoms for geomorphic, aquatic, and riparian applications Nagel, David E.; Buffington, John M.; Parkes, Sharon L.; Wenger, Seth; Goode, Jaime R.; RMRS
2014 Final Report for SERDP Project RC-1649: Advanced Chemical Measurements of Smoke from DoD-prescribed Burns Johnson, T.J.; Yokelson, R.J.; Akagi, S.K.; Burling, I.R.; Weise, D.R.; Urbanski, S.P.; Stockwell, C.E.; Reardon, J.; Lincoln, E.N.; Profeta, L.T.M.; Mendoza, A.; Schneider, M.D.W.; Sams, R.L.; Williams, S.D.; Wold, C.E.; Griffith, D.W.T.; Cameron, M.; Gilman, J.B.; Warneke, C.; Roberts, J.M.; Veres, P.; Kuster, W.C.; de Gouw, J; RMRS
2014 First look at smoke emissions from prescribed burns in long-unburned longleaf pine forests Akagi, Sheryl K.; Yokelson, Robert J.; Burling, Ian R.; Weise, David R.; Reardon, James; Urbanski, Shawn; Johnson, Timothy J.; RMRS
2014 Forest conservation and management in the Anthropocene: Conference proceedings Sample, V. Alaric; Bixler, R. Patrick; RMRS
2014 Forest development and carbon dynamics after mountain pine beetle outbreaks Hansen, E. Matthew. RMRS
2014 Freshwater resources in designated wilderness areas of the United States: A state-of-knowledge review Johnson, Adam N.; Spildie, David R.; RMRS
2014 Future Forests Webinar Series, Webinar Proceedings and Summary: Ongoing Research and Management Responses to the Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak Matonis, M.; Hubbard, R.; Gebert, K.; Hahn, B.; Miller, S.; Regan, C.; RMRS
2014 How risk management can prevent future wildfire disasters in the wildland-urban interface Calkin, David E.; Cohen, Jack D.; Finney, Mark A.; Thompson, Matthew P.; RMRS
2014 Influence of climate and environment on post-fire recovery of mountain big sagebrush Nelson, Zachary J.; Weisberg, Peter J.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; RMRS
2014 Large airtanker use and outcomes in suppressing wildland fires in the United States Calkin, David E.; Stonesifer, Crystal S.; Thompson, Matthew P.; McHugh, Charles W.; RMRS
2014 Mountain pine beetle, a major disturbance agent in US western coniferous forests: A synthesis of the state of knowledge Negron, Jose F.; Fettig, Christopher J.; RMRS
2014 Mountain pine beetle voltinism and life history characteristics across latitudinal and elevational gradients in the western United States Bentz, Barbara; Vandygriff, James; Jensen, Camille; Coleman, Tom; Maloney, Patricia; Smith, Sheri; Grady, Amanda; Schen-Langenheim, Greta; RMRS
2014 Mountain pine beetle-killed lodgepole pine for the production of submicron lignocellulose fibrils Hoeger, Ingrid; Gleisner, Rolland; Negron, Jose; Rojas, Orlando J.; Zhu, J. Y.; RMRS
2014 New Mexico’s forest resources, 2008-2012 Goeking, Sara A.; Shaw, John D.; Witt, Chris; Thompson, Michael T.; Werstak, Charles E. Jr.; Amacher, Michael C.; Stuever, Mary; Morgan, Todd A.; Sorenson, Colin B.; Hayes, Steven W.; McIver, Chelsea P.; RMRS
2014 Ozone in remote areas of the Southern Rocky Mountains Musselman, Robert C.; Korfmacher, John L.; RMRS
2014 Ozone monitoring at remote sites using low-power instrumentation Korfmacher, John L.; Musselman, Robert C.; RMRS
2014 Phoretic symbionts of the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins) Mercado, Javier E.; Hofstetter, Richard W.; Reboletti, Danielle M.; Negron, Jose F.; RMRS
2014 The once and future forest: Consequences of mountain pine beetle treatment decisions Gillette, Nancy E.; Wood, David L.; Hines, Sarah J.; Runyon, Justin B.; Negron, Jose F.; RMRS
2013 Vascular plants diversity of El Aribabi Conservation Ranch: A private natural protected area in northern Sonora, Mexico Sanchez-Escalante, J. Jesus; Avila-Jimenez, Denise Z.; Delgado-Zamora, David A.; Armenta-Cota, Liliana; Van Devender, Thomas R.; Reina-Guerrero, Ana Lilia.; RMRS
2002 Potential for a remote-sensing-aided forest resource survey for the whole globe Tomppo, E.; Czaplewski, R. L.; RMRS
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