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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2016 A broader definition of occupancy: Comment on Hayes and Monfils Latif, Quresh S.; Ellis, Martha M.; Amundson, Courtney L.; RMRS
2016 Capturing subregional variability in regional-scale climate change vulnerability assessments of natural resources Buotte, Polly C.; Peterson, David L.; McKelvey, Kevin S.; Hicke, Jeffrey A.; RMRS
2016 Influence of mountain pine beetle epidemic on winter habitat conditions for Merriam's turkeys: Management implications for current and future condition Lehman, Chadwick P.; Rumble, Mark A.; Battaglia, Michael A.; Mills, Todd R.; Asherin, Lance A.; RMRS
2016 Male greater sage-grouse detectability on leks Fremgen, Aleshia L.; Hansen, Christopher P.; Rumble, Mark A.; Gamo, R. Scott; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; RMRS
2016 Non-structural carbohydrates in woody plants compared among laboratories Quentin, Audrey G.; Pinkard, Elizabeth A.; Ryan, Michael G.; Tissue, David T.; Baggett, L. Scott; Adams, Henry D.; Maillard, Pascale; Marchand, Jacqueline; Landhausser, Simon M.; Lacointe, Andre; Gibon, Yves; Anderegg, William R. L.; Asao, Shinichi; Atkin, Owen K.; Bonhomme, Marc; Claye, Caroline; Chow, Pak S.; Clement-Vidal, Anne; Davies, Noel W.; Dickman, L. Turin; Dumbur, Rita; Ellsworth, David S.; Falk, Kristen; Galiano, LucĂ­a; Grunzweig, Jose M.; Hartmann, Henrik; Hoch, Gunter; Hood, Sharon; Jones, Joanna E.; Koike, Takayoshi; Kuhlmann, Iris; Lloret, Francisco; Maestro, Melchor; Mansfield, Shawn D.; Martinez-Vilalta, Jordi; Maucourt, Mickael; McDowell, Nathan G.; Moing, Annick; Muller, Bertrand; Nebauer, Sergio G.; Niinemets, Ulo; Palacio, Sara; Piper, Frida; Raveh, Eran; Richter, Andreas; Rolland, Gaelle; Rosas, Teresa; Joanis, Brigitte Saint; Sala, Anna; Smith, Renee A.; Sterck, Frank; Stinziano, Joseph R.; Tobias, Mari; Unda, Faride; Watanabe, Makoto; Way, Danielle A.; Weerasinghe, Lasantha K.; Wild, Birgit; Wiley, Erin; Woodruff, David R.; RMRS
2016 Production and efficiency of large wildland fire suppression effort: A stochastic frontier analysis Katuwal, Hari; Calkin, David E.; Hand, Michael S.; RMRS

Rangeland drought: Effects, restoration, and adaptation [Chap. 8]

Finch, Deborah M.; Pendleton, Rosemary L.; Reeves, Matt C.; Ott, Jeffrey E.; Kilkenny, Francis F.; Butler, Jack L.; Ott, Jacqueline P.; Pinto, Jeremy R.; Ford, Paulette L.; Runyon, Justin B.; Rumble, Mark A.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; RMRS
2016 Recommendations for snag retention in southwestern mixed-conifer and ponderosa pine forests: History and current status Ganey, Joseph L. RMRS
2016 The RxCADRE study: A new approach to interdisciplinary fire research Peterson, David L.; Hardy, Colin C.; RMRS
2015 Comparative nest-site habitat of painted redstarts and red-faced warblers in the Madrean Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona Ganey, Joseph L.; Block, William M.; Sanderlin, Jamie S.; Iniguez, Jose M.; RMRS
2015 Evolutionary drivers of mast-seeding in a long-lived desert shrub Meyer, Susan E.; Pendleton, Burton K.; RMRS
2015 Identification of two distinct fire regimes in Southern California: implications for economic impact and future change Jin, Yufang; Goulden, Michael L.; Faivre, Nicolas; Veraverbeke, Sander; Sun, Fengpeng; Hall, Alex; Hand, Michael S.; Hook, Simon; Randerson, James T.; RMRS
2015 Measuring wildland fire leadership: the crewmember perceived leadership scale Waldron, Alexis L.; Schary, David P.; Cardinal, Bradley J.; RMRS
2015 Risk preferences, probability weighting, and strategy tradeoffs in wildfire management Hand, Michael S.; Wibbenmeyer, Matthew J.; Calkin, David E.; Thompson, Matthew P.; RMRS
2015 Southern Plains assessment of vulnerability and preliminary adaptation and mitigation strategies for farmers, ranchers, and forest land owners Steiner, Jean L.; Schneider, Jeanne M.; Pope, Clay; Pope, Sarah; Ford, Paulette; Steele, Rachel F.; Anderson, Terry; RMRS

Using LiDAR to evaluate forest landscapes and health factors and their relationship to habitat of the endangered Mount Graham red squirrel on the Coronado National Forest, Pinaleno Mountains, Arizona [Chap. 12]

Anhold, John; Mitchell, Brent; Wilcox, Craig; Mellin, Tom; Merrick, Melissa; Lynch, Ann; Walterman, Mike; Falk, Donald; Koprowski, John; Laes, Denise; Evans, Don; Fisk, Haans.; RMRS
2015 What seeds to plant in the Great Basin? Comparing traits prioritized in native plant cultivars and releases with those that promote survival in the field Leger, Elizabeth A.; Baughman, Owen W.; RMRS
2015 Wildfires: Systemic changes required Thompson, Matthew; Dunn, Christopher; Calkin, Dave; RMRS
2015 Woodpecker forage availability in habitat disturbances of the Black Hills Dickerson, Brian E.; Ambourn, Angie K.; Rumble, Mark A.; Allen, Kurt K.; Lehman, Chad P.; RMRS
2014 Lek ecology of male greater sage-grouse in Carbon County, Wyoming Fremgen, Aleshia Lynn RMRS
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