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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2015 Baselines to detect population stability of the threatened alpine plant Packera franciscana (Asteraceae) Fowler, James F.; Sieg, Carolyn Hull; Hedwall, Shaula; RMRS
2015 Hydrothermal time models for conidial germination and mycelial growth of the seed pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda Barth, Connor W.; Meyer, Susan E.; Beckstead, Julie; Allen, Phil S.; RMRS
2015 Interactions of fuel treatments, wildfire severity, and carbon dynamics in dry conifer forests Kent, Larissa L. Yocom; Shive, Kristen L.; Strom, Barbara A.; Sieg, Carolyn H.; Hunter, Molly E.; Stevens-Rumann, Camille S.; Fule, Peter Z.; RMRS
2015 Mycelial growth rate and toxin production in the seed pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda: Resource trade-offs and temporally varying selection Meyer, S. E.; Masi, M.; Clement, S.; Davis, T. L.; Beckstead, J.; RMRS
2015 Proceedings of the large wildland fires conference; May 19-23, 2014; Missoula, MT Keane, Robert E.; Jolly, Matt; Parsons, Russell; Riley, Karin; RMRS
2015 The national forest inventory in China: History, results, international context Zeng, WeiSheng; Tomppo, Erkki; Healey, Sean P.; Gadow, Klaus V.; RMRS
2015 The relative impacts of vegetation, topography and spatial arrangement on building loss to wildfires in case studies of California and Colorado Alexandre, Patricia M.; Stewart, Susan I.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Keuler, Nicholas S.; Syphard, Alexandra D.; Bar-Massada, Avi; Clayton, Murray K.; Radeloff, Volker C.; RMRS
2014 Characterizing butt-rot fungi on USA-affiliated islands in the western Pacific Cannon, Phil; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; Schlub, Robert L.; Kim, Mee-Sook; Ota, Yuko; Sahashi, Norio; Quitugua, Roland J.; Hanna, John W.; Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Sweeney, J. D.; RMRS
2014 Climate-based species distribution models for Armillaria solidipes in Wyoming: A preliminary assessment Hanna, John W.; Blodgett, James T.; Pitman, Eric W. I.; Ashiglar, Sarah M.; Lundquist, John E.; Kim, Mee-Sook; Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; RMRS
2014 Fifty years of wilderness science: An international perspective Carver, Steve; McCool, Steve; Krenova, Zdenka; Fisher, Mark; Woodley, Stephen.; RMRS
2014 Forest soil microbial communities: Using metagenomic approaches to survey permanent plots Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Stewart, Jane E.; Hanna, John W.; Shaw, John D.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Jain, Theresa B.; Denner, Robert J.; Graham, Russell T.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Tirocke, Joanne M.; Kim, Mee-Sook; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; RMRS
2014 Identification of the infection route of a Fusarium seed pathogen into nondormant Bromus tectorum seeds Franke, JanaLynn; Geary, Brad; Meyer, Susan E.; RMRS
2014 Movements vary according to dispersal stage, group size, and rainfall: The case of the African lion Elliot, Nicholas B.; Cushman, Samuel A.; Loveridge, Andrew J.; Mtare, Godfrey; Macdonald, David W.; RMRS
2014 Perspectives from the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute: The Wildland Research institute Bowker, J. M.; Cordell, H. Ken; Poudyal, Neelam C.; RMRS
2014 Pyrenophoric acids B and C, two new phytotoxic sesquiterpenoids produced by Pyrenophora semeniperda Masi, Marco; Meyer, Susan; Cimmino, Alessio; Clement, Suzette; Black, Beth; Evidente, Antonio; RMRS
2014 The devil is in the dispersers: Predictions of landscape connectivity change with demography Elliot, Nicholas B.; Cushman, Samuel A.; Macdonald, David W.; Loveridge, Andrew J.; RMRS
2014 The USDA Forest Service-RMRS forest fungi collection: Resource for fungal identification, developing biological controls, predicting invasive pathogens, and predicting potential impacts of climate change Ashiglar, Sara M.; Hanna, John W.; Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; RMRS
2014 Tracking the distribution of Puccinia psidii genotypes that cause rust disease on diverse myrtaceous trees and shrubs Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Graca, Rodrigo N.; Alfenas, Acelino C.; Peever, Tobin L.; Hanna, Jack W.; Uchida, Janice Y.; Hauff, Rob D.; Kadooka, Chris Y.; Kim, Mee-Sook; Cannon, Phil G.; Namba, Shigetou; Minato, Nami; Simeto, Sofia; Perez, Carlos A.; Rayamajhi, Min B.; Moran, Mauricio; Lodge, D. Jean; Arguedas, Marcela; Medel-Ortiz, Rosario; Lopez-Ramirez, M. Armando; Tennant, Paula; Glen, Morag; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; RMRS
2013 Regional patterns of major nonnative invasive plants and associated factors in upper Midwest forests Fan, Zhaofei; Moser, W. Keith; Hansen, Mark H.; Nelson, Mark D.; RMRS
2011 Change in oak abundance in the eastern United States from 1980 to 2008 Fei, Songlin; Kong, Ningning; Steiner, Kim C.; Moser, W. Keith; Steiner, Eric B.; RMRS
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