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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2015 A multi-scale assessment of population connectivity in African lions (Panthera leo) in response to landscape change Cushman, Samuel A.; Elliot, Nicholas B.; Macdonald, David W.; Loveridge, Andrew J.; RMRS
2015 Automated integration of lidar into the LANDFIRE product suite Peterson, Birgit; Nelson, Kurtis J.; Seielstad, Carl; Stoker, Jason; Jolly, W. Matt; Parsons, Russell; RMRS
2015 Consequences of pre-inoculation with native arbuscular mycorrhizae on root colonization and survival of Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis (Wyoming big sagebrush) seedlings after transplanting Davidson, Bill Eugene RMRS
2015 Determination of the smoke-plume heights and their dynamics with ground-based scanning LIDAR Kovalev, V.; Petkov, A.; Wold, C.; Urbanski, S.; Hao, W. M.; RMRS
2015 Fire and forethought: Fire effects syntheses are a powerful tool for planning and management across resource fields Cooke, Brian; Smith, Jane Kapler; Innes, Robin; Fryer, Janet; Zouhar, Kris; Abrahamson, Ilana; Murphy, Shannon; Masin, Eva; RMRS
2015 Fire management assessment of Eastern Province, Zambia Hollingsworth, L. T.; Johnson, D.; Sikaundi, G.; Siame, S.; RMRS
2015 Genomics and the challenging translation into conservation practice Shafer, Aaron B. A.; Wolf, Jochen B. W.; Alves, Paulo C.; Bergstrom, Linnea; Bruford, Michael W.; Brannstrom, Ioana; Colling, Guy; Dalen, Love; Meester, Luc De; Ekblom, Robert; Fawcett, Katie D.; Fior, Simone; Hajibabaei, Mehrdad; Hill, Jason A.; Hoezel, A. Rus; Hoglund, Jacob; Jensen, Evelyn L.; Krause, Johannes; Kristensen, Torsten N.; Krutzen, Michael; McKay, John K.; Norman, Anita J.; Ogden, Rob; Osterling, E. Martin; Ouborg, N. Joop; Piccolo, John; Popovic, Danijela; Primmer, Craig R.; Reed, Floyd A.; Roumet, Marie; Salmona, Jordi; Schenekar, Tamara; Schwartz, Michael K.; Segelbacher, Gernot; Senn, Helen; Thaulow, Jens; Valtonen, Mia; Veale, Andrew; Vergeer, Philippine; Vijay, Nagarjun; Vila, Carles; Weissensteiner, Matthias; Wennerstrom, Lovisa; Wheat, Christopher W.; Zielinski, Piotr; RMRS
2015 Impact of biomass harvesting on forest soil productivity in the northern Rocky Mountains Jang, Woongsoon; Keyes, Christopher R.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah; RMRS
2015 Keeping it wild 2: An updated interagency strategy to monitor trends in wilderness character across the National Wilderness Preservation System Landres, Peter; Barns, Chris; Boutcher, Steve; Devine, Tim; Dratch, Peter; Lindholm, Adrienne; Merigliano, Linda; Roeper, Nancy; Simpson, Emily; RMRS
2015 Relationships between fire danger and the daily number and daily growth of active incidents burning in the northern Rocky Mountains, USA Freeborn, Patrick H.; Cochrane, Mark A.; Jolly, W. Matt.; RMRS
2015 Satellite versus ground-based estimates of burned area: A comparison between MODIS based burned area and fire agency reports over North America in 2007 Mangeon, Stephane; Field, Robert; Fromm, Michael; McHugh, Charles; Voulgarakis, Apostolos; RMRS
2015 Sources and implications of bias and uncertainty in a century of US wildfire activity data Short, Karen C. RMRS
2015 Sustainability and the origins of wildland fire research Smith, Diane M. RMRS
2014 Big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) in a shifting climate context: Assessment of seedling responses to climate Brabec, Martha A. RMRS
2014 Housing development erodes avian community structure in U.S. protected areas Wood, Eric M.; Pidgeon, Anna M.; Radeloff, Volker C.; Helmers, David; Culbert, Patrick D.; Keuler, Nicholas S.; Flather, Curtis H.; RMRS
2014 Mixed-conifer forests of central Oregon: Effects of logging and fire exclusion vary with environment Merschel, Andrew G.; Spies, Thomas A.; Heyerdahl, Emily K.; RMRS
2014 Modelling the role of fires in the terrestrial carbon balance by incorporating SPITFIRE into the global vegetation modelORCHIDEE - Part 1: Simulating historical global burned area and fire regimes Yue, C.; Ciais, P.; Cadule, P.; Thonicke, K.; Archibald, S.; Poulter, B.; Hao, W. M.; Hantson, S.; Mouillot, F.; Friedlingstein, P.; Maignan, F.; Viovy, N.; RMRS
2014 Western spruce budworm outbreaks did not increase fire risk over the last three centuries: A dendrochronological analysis of inter-disturbance synergism Flower, Aquila; Gavin, Daniel G.; Heyerdahl, Emily K.; Parsons, Russell A.; Cohn, Gregory M.; RMRS
2013 Plant guide: Rocky Mountain penstemon (Penstemon strictus) [Revised 2014]. Ogle, Daniel G.; Peterson, J. Scott; St. John, Loren.; RMRS
1990 Relationship of fuel size and spacing to combustion characteristics of laboratory fuel cribs Anderson, Hal E. RMRS
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