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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2016 Climate drivers of seed production in Picea engelmannii and response to warming temperatures in the southern Rocky Mountains Buechling, Arne; Martin, Patrick H.; Canham, Charles D.; Shepperd, Wayne D.; Battaglia, Michael; RMRS
2016 Disaggregating tropical disease prevalence by climatic and vegetative zones within tropical west Africa Beckley, Carl S.; Shaban, Salisu; Palmer, Guy H.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Noh, Susan M.; Futse, James E.; RMRS
2016 Evaluating desired conditions for Mexican spotted owl nesting and roosting habitat Ganey, Joseph L.; Iniguez, Jose M.; Hedwall, Shaula; Block, William M.; Ward, James P. Jr.; Jonnes, Ryan S.; Rawlinson, Todd A.; Kyle, Sean C.; Apprill, Darrell L.; RMRS
2016 Identification of landscape features influencing gene flow: How useful are habitat selection models? Roffler, Gretchen H.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Pilgrim, Kristine; Talbot, Sandra L.; Sage, George K.; Adams, Layne G.; Luikart, Gordon; RMRS
2016 Incorporating hydrologic data and ecohydrologic relationships into ecological site descriptions Williams, C. Jason; Pierson, Frederick B.; Spaeth, Kenneth E.; Brown, Joel R.; Al-Hamdan, Osama Z.; Weltz, Mark A.; Nearing, Mark A.; Herrick, Jeffrey E.; Boll, Jan; Robichaud, Pete; Goodrich, David C.; Heilman, Phillip; Guertin, D. Phillip; Hernandez, Mariano; Wei, Haiyan; Hardegree, Stuart P.; Strand, Eva K.; Bates, Jonathan D.; Metz, Loretta J.; Nichols, Mary H.; RMRS
2016 Infiltration and interrill erosion rates after a wildfire in western Montana, USA Robichaud, Pete; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Pierson, Fredrick B.; Spaeth, Kenneth E.; Ashmun, Louise E.; Moffet, Corey A.; RMRS
2016 Long-distance dispersal of a subadult male cougar from South Dakota to Connecticut documented with DNA evidence Hawley, Jason E.; Rego, Paul W.; Wydeven, Adrian P.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Viner, Tabitha C.; Kays, Roland; Pilgrim, Kristine L.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; RMRS
2016 Multi-scale Mexican spotted owl (Strix occidentalis lucida) nest/roost habitat selection in Arizona and a comparison with single-scale modeling results Timm, Brad C.; McGarigal, Kevin; Cushman, Samuel A.; Ganey, Joseph L.; RMRS
2016 Structural and functional connectivity as a driver of hillslope erosion following disturbance Williams, C. Jason; Pierson, Frederick B.; Robichaud, Pete; Al-Hamdan, Osama Z.; Boll, Jan; Strand, Eva K.; RMRS
2016 Synthesising empirical results to improve predictions of post-wildfire runoff and erosion response Shakesby, Richard A.; Moody, John A.; Martin, Deborah A.; Robichaud, Pete; RMRS
2016 The effects of climate change and extreme wildfire events on runoff erosion over a mountain watershed Liu, Mingliang; Barber, Michael E.; Cherkauer, Keith A.; Robichaud, Pete; Adam, Jennifer C.; RMRS
2016 Validation of a probabilistic post-fire erosion model Robichaud, Pete; Elliot, William J.; Lewis, Sarah A.; Miller, Mary Ellen.; RMRS
2015 Assessing impacts of fire and post-fire on runoff and erosion from rangelands mitigation Pierson, Frederick B.; Williams, C. Jason; Robichaud, Pete; RMRS
2015 Carbohydrate regulation of photosynthesis and respiration from branch girdling in four species of wet tropical rain forest trees Asao, Shinichi; Ryan, Michael G.; RMRS
2015 Carbon dynamics in central US Rockies lodgepole pine type after mountain pine beetle outbreaks Hansen, E. Matthew; Amacher, Michael C.; Van Miegroet, Helga; Long, James N.; Ryan, Michael G.; RMRS
2015 Ecosystem resistance in the face of climate change: A case study from the freshwater marshes of the Florida Everglades Malone, Sparkle L.; Keough, Cynthia; Staudhammer, Christina L.; Ryan, Michael G.; Parton, William J.; Olivas, Paulo; Oberbauer, Steven F.; Schedlbauer, Jessica; Starr, Gregory; RMRS
2015 Global variability in leaf respiration in relation to climate, plant functional types and leaf traits Atkin, Owen K.; Bloomfield, Keith J.; Reich, Peter B.; Tjoelker, Mark G.; Asner, Gregory P.; Bonal, Damien; Bonisch, Gerhard; Bradford, Matt G.; Cernusak, Lucas A.; Cosio, Eric G.; Creek, Danielle; Crous, Kristine Y.; Domingues, Tomas F.; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Egerton, John J. G.; Evans, John R.; Farquhar, Graham D.; Fyllas, Nikolaos M.; Gauthier, Paul P. G.; Gloor, Emanuel; Gimeno, Teresa E.; Griffin, Kevin L.; Guerrieri, Rossella; Heskel, Mary A.; Huntingford, Chris; Ishida, Franc_oise Yoko; Kattge, Jens; Lambers, Hans; Liddell, Michael J.; Lloyd, Jon; Lusk, Christopher H.; Martin, Roberta E.; Maksimov, Ayal P.; Maximov, Trofim C.; Malhi, Yadvinder; Medlyn, Belinda E.; Meir, Patrick; Mercado, Lina M.; Mirotchnick, Nicholas; Ng, Desmond; Niinemets, Ulo; O’Sullivan, Odhran S.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Poorter, Lourens; Poot, Pieter; Prentice, I. Colin; Salinas, Norma; Rowland, Lucy M.; Ryan, Michael G.; Sitch, Stephen; Slot, Martijn; Smith, Nicholas G.; Turnbull, Matthew H.; VanderWel, Mark C.; Valladares, Fernando; Veneklaas, Erik J.; Weerasinghe, Lasantha K.; Wirth, Christian; Wright, Ian J.; Wythers, Kirk R.; Xiang, Jen; Xiang, Shuang; Zaragoza-Castells, Joana; RMRS
2015 Large trees losing out to drought Ryan, Michael G. RMRS
2014 El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) enhances CO2 exchange rates in freshwater marsh ecosystems in the Florida Everglades Malone, Sparkle L.; Staudhammer, Christina L.; Oberbauer, Steven F.; Olivas, Paulo; Ryan, Michael G.; Schedlbauer, Jessica L.; Loescher, Henry W.; Starr, Gregory; RMRS
2014 Next logical steps in forest pathology activities for Guam, Saipan, Yap, Palau, Pohnpei, and Kosrae [Chapter X] Cannon, Phil G.; Ruegorong, Francis; Liegel, Puis; Guerrero, Victor; Schlub, Robert L.; Sigrah, Leonard; Nithan, Maxon; Charley, Blair; Ashiglar, Sara M.; Klopfenstein, Ned B.; Kim, Mee-Sook; Gavenda, Bob; Friday, Katie; Waguk, Erick; Ota, Yuko; Sahashi, Norio; Santos, Gibson; Samuel, Rodasio; RMRS
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