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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 A Contribution to the Taxonomy of Rhizochaete (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) Nakasone, Karen K.; Draeger, Kymberly R.; Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz; NRS
2017 A polyphasic approach to gaining insights into causes of acute oak decline in Britain Denman, Sandra PSW
2017 Adaptive response to land-use history and roost selection by Rafinesque’s big-eared bats Loeb, Susan C. SRS
2017 An assessment of Japanese stiltgrass in northern U.S. forests Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Hansen, Mark H.; NRS
2017 An improved canopy wind model for predicting wind adjustment factors and wildland fire behavior Massman, W. J.; Forthofer, J. M.; Finney, M. A.; RMRS
2017 Analysis of populations of the sudden oak death pathogen in Oregon forests Kamvar, Zhian N.; Hansen, Everett M.; Kanaskie, Alan M.; Larsen, Meredith M.; Grünwald, Niklaus J.; PSW
2017 Are colorimetric assays appropriate for measuring phenol oxidase activity in peat soils? Wiedermann, Magdalena M.; Kane, Evan S.; Veverica, Timothy J.; Lilleskov, Erik A.; NRS
2017 Avoiding an uncertain catastrophe: Climate change mitigation under risk and wealth heterogeneity Brown, Thomas C.; Kroll, Stephan; RMRS
2017 Banking on the future: progress, challenges and opportunities for the genetic conservation of forest trees Potter, Kevin M.; Jetton, Robert M.; Bower, Andrew; Jacobs, Douglass F.; Man, Gary; Hipkins, Valerie D.; Westwood, Murphy; SRS
2017 Biological differences between the evolutionary lineages within Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora lateralis: Should the lineages be formally taxonomically designated? Brasier, Clive PSW
2017 CALINVASIVES: a revolutionary tool to monitor invasive threats Garbelotto, M.; Drill, S.; Powell, C.; Malpas, J.; PSW
2017 Climate change and hydrology in the Blue Mountains [Chapter 3] Clifton, Caty F.; Day, Kate T.; Dello, Kathie; Grant, Gordon E.; Halofsky, Jessica E.; Isaak, Daniel J.; Luce, Charles H.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Staab, Brian P.; Stevenson, John; RMRS
2017 Climate change and special habitats in the Blue Mountains: Riparian areas, wetlands, and groundwater-dependent ecosystems [Chapter 7] Dwire, Kathleen A.; Mellmann-Brown, Sabine; RMRS
2017 Climate change, fish, and aquatic habitat in the Blue Mountains [Chapter 5] Isaak, Daniel J.; Ramsey, Katherine; Chatel, John C.; Konnoff, Deborah L.; Gecy, Robert A.; Horan, Dona; RMRS
2017 Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the Blue Mountains Halofsky, Jessica E.; Peterson, David L.; PNW
2017 Climate change, water resources, and roads in the Blue Mountains [Chapter 4] Clifton, Caty F.; Day, Kate T.; Grant, Gordon E.; Halofsky, Jessica E.; Luce, Charles H.; Staab, Brian P.; RMRS
2017 Co-creators of memory, metaphors for resilience, and mechanisms for recovery: flora in living memorials to 9/11 McMillen, Heather L.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; NRS
2017 Collaboratively managing sudden oak death using tangible geospatial modeling Meentemeyer, Ross K.; Tonini, Francesco; Shoemaker, Douglas; Cobb, Richard C.; Harmon, Brendan A.; Petras, Vaclav; Petrasova, Anna; Mitasova, Helena; PSW
2017 Community biomass handbook volume 4: enterprise development for integrated wood manufacturing Lowell, Eini; Becker, D.R.; Smith, D.; Kauffman, M.; Bihn, D.; PNW
2017 Cover crops to improve soil health and pollinator habitat in nut orchards Van Sambeek, Jerry. NRS
2017 Cover crops to improve soil health and pollinator habitat in nut orchards: Part II Van Sambeek, Jerry. NRS
2017 Daily Landsat-scale evapotranspiration estimation over a forested landscape in North Carolina, USA, using multi-satellite data fusion Yang, Yun; Anderson, Martha C.; Gao, Feng; Hain, Christopher R.; Semmens, Kathryn A.; Kustas, William P.; Noormets, Asko; Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.; Sun, Ge; SRS
2017 Determining the amount of soilborne inoculum of Phytophthora ramorum within an Oregon tanoak forest Benemann, Christina; Parke, Jennifer; PSW
2017 Development of a predictive model to estimate the effect of soil solarization on survival of soilborne inoculum of Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora pini Funahashi, Fumiaki; Parke, Jennifer L.; PSW
2017 Development of reagents for immunoassay of Phytophthora ramorum in nursery water samples Luster, Douglas G.; Widmer, Timothy; McMahon, Michael; Lévesque, C. André; PSW
2017 Differential sensitivity to climate change of C and N cycling processes across soil horizons in a northern hardwood forest Durán, Jorge; Morse, Jennifer L.; Rodríguez, Alexandra; Campbell, John L.; Christenson, Lynn M.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fisk, Melany C.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Templer, Pamela H.; Groffman, Peter M.; NRS
2017 Disturbance and productivity interactions mediate stability of forest composition and structure O'Connor, Christopher D.; Falk, Donald A.; Lynch, Ann M.; Swetnam, Thomas W.; Wilcox, Craig P.; RMRS
2017 Diversity of foliar Phytophthora species on Rhododendron in Oregon nurseries Knaus, B.J.; Graham, K.A.; Grünwald, Niklaus J.; Fieland, Valerie J.; PSW
2017 Does size matter? Animal units and animal unit months Smith, Lamar; Hicks, Joe; Lusk, Scott; Hemmovich, Mike; Green, Shane; McCord, Sarah; Pellant, Mike; Mitchell, John; Dyess, Judith; Sprinkle, Jim; Gearhart, Amanda; Karl, Sherm; Hannemann, Mike; Spaeth, Ken; Karl, Jason; Reeves, Matt; Pyke, Dave; Spaak, Jordan; Brischke, Andrew; Despain, Del; Phillippi, Matt; Weixelmann, Dave; Bass, Alan; Page, Jessie; Metz, Lori; Toledo, David; Kachergis, Emily; RMRS
2017 Effects of climate on competitive dynamics in mixed conifer forests of the Sierra Nevada Johnson, Christal; Chhin, Sophan; Zhang, Jianwei; PSW
2017 Effects of diversity, topography, and interannual climate variability on pathogen spillover Dillon, Whalen W.; Meentemeyer, Ross K.; Rizzo, David M.; PSW
2017 Elevational range shifts in four mountain ungulate species from the Swiss Alps Büntgen, Ulf; Greuter, Lucie; Bollmann, Kurt; Jenny, Hannes; Liebhold, Andrew; Galván, J. Diego; Stenseth, Nils C.; Andrew, Carrie; Mysterud, Atle; NRS
2017 Emerald ash borer biocontrol in ash saplings: The potential for early stage recovery of North American ash trees Duan, Jian J.; Bauer, Leah S.; Van Driesche, Roy G.; NRS
2017 Evaluating effectiveness and cost of time-lapse triggered camera trapping techniques to detect terrestrial squamate diversity Adams, Connor S.; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J.; Pierce, Brian L.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig; SRS
2017 31 flavors to 50 shades of grey: battling Phytophthoras in native habitats managed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District Hillman, Janet; Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Mehl, Heather K.; Bourret, Tyler B.; Rizzo, David; PSW
2017 Forest structure following tornado damage and salvage logging in northern Maine, USA Fraver, Shawn; Dodds, Kevin J.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Morrill, Rick; Seymour, Robert S.; Sypitkowski, Eben; NRS
2017 Forests of Michigan, 2016 Paulson, Charles; Pugh, Scott A.; NRS
2017 Forests of Nebraska, 2016 Meneguzzo, D.M. NRS
2017 Genetic recapture identifies long-distance breeding dispersal in Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Cross, Todd B.; Naugle, David E.; Carlson, John C.; Schwartz, Michael K.; RMRS
2017 Host range determination and fungicide resistance assessment of Phytophthora lateralis isolates from horticultural nurseries in Oregon Rupp, Franziska; Peterson, Ebba K.; Eberhart, Joyce; Parke, Jennifer L.; PSW
2017 Host-induced genome alterations in Phytophthora ramorum, I. NA1 lineage on coast live oak in California, II. EU1 lineage on Chamaecyparis lawsoniana in UK Kasuga, Takao; Bui, Mai; Bernhardt, Elizabeth; Swiecki, Tedmund; Aram, Kamyar; Bertier, Lien; Yuzon, Jennifer; Cano, Liliana M.; Webber, Joan; Brasier, Clive; Press, Caroline; Grünwald, Niklaus; Rizzo, David; Garbelotto, Matteo; PSW
2017 Hot spots of Phytophthora in commercial nurseries Junker, Corina; Goff, Patrick; Wagner, Stefan; Werres, Sabine; PSW
2017 How do we know if plants in our nursery have Phytophthora? Detection methods and an integrated approach to monitoring Conforti, Christa PSW
2017 How does temperature affect forest "fungus breath"? Diurnal non-exponential temperature-respiration relationship, and possible longer-term acclimation in fungal sporocarps Lilleskov, Erik A. NRS
2017 How well has the spread of sudden oak death been predicted by the models in northern California? Valachovic, Yana; Cobb, Richard; Twieg, Brendan; PSW
2017 Identification of five new hosts of Phytophthora ramorum in an infested forest in California Rooney-Latham, S.; Blomquist, C.L.; Williams, A.; Gunnison, E.; Pastalka, T.; PSW
2017 Incorporating fine-scale drought information into an eastern US wildfire hazard model Peters, Matthew P.; Iverson, Louis R.; NRS
2017 Incubation of Phytophthora ramorum-infested leaf debris in soil affects survival, sporulation capacity, and subsequent risk of epidemic development within nurseries Peterson, Ebba K.; Grünwald, Niklaus J.; Parke, Jennifer L.; PSW
2017 Influence of high loading of cellulose nanocrystals in polyacrylonitrile composite films Luo, Jeffrey; Chang, Huibin; Bakhtiary Davijani, Amir A.; Liu, H. Clive; Wang, Po-Hsiang; Moon, Robert J.; Kumar, Satish; FPL
2017 Insights into the phylogeny of Northern Hemisphere Armillaria: Neighbor-net and Bayesian analyses of translation elongation factor 1-α gene sequences Klopfenstein, Ned B.; Stewart, Jane E.; Ota, Yuko; Hanna, John W.; Richardson, Bryce A.; Ross-Davis, Amy L.; Elias-Roman, Ruben D.; Korhonen, Kari; Keca, Nenad; Iturritxa, Eugenia; Alvarado-Rosales, Dionicio; Solheim, Halvor; Brazee, Nicholas J.; Lakomy, Piotr; Cleary, Michelle R.; Hasegawa, Eri; Kikuchi, Taisei; Garza-Ocanas, Fortunato; Tsopelas, Panaghiotis; Rigling, Daniel; Prospero, Simone; Tsykun, Tetyana; Berube, Jean A.; Stefani, Franck O. P.; Jafarpour, Saeideh; Antonin, Vladimir; Tomsovsky, Michal; McDonald, Geral I.; Woodward, Stephen; Kim, Mee-Sook; RMRS
2017 Interaction of Trichoderma asperellum with Phytophthora ramorum inoculum soil populations and enzyme secretion Sharma, Supriya; Schweigkofler, Wolfgang; Suslow, Karen; Widmer, Timothy L.; PSW
2017 Invasive Species Science Update (No. 9) Runyon, Justin RMRS
2017 Landscape heterogeneity reduces coyote predation on white-tailed deer fawns Gulsby, William D.; Kilgo, John C.; Vukovich, Mark; Martin, James A.; SRS
2017 Landscape-scale quantification of fire-induced change in canopy cover following mountain pine beetle outbreak and timber harvest McCarley, T. Ryan; Kolden, Crystal A.; Vaillant, Nicole M.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Smith, Alistair M. S.; Kreitler, Jason; RMRS
2017 Layer stacking: A novel algorithm for individual forest tree segmentation from LiDAR point clouds Ayrey, Elias; Fraver, Shawn; Kershaw, John A.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Hayes, Daniel; Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Roth, Brian E.; NRS
2017 Lessons from 15 years of monitoring sudden oak death and forest dynamics in California forests Metz, Margaret; Varner, J. Morgan; Meentemeyer, Ross; Frangioso, Kerri; Rizzo, David; PSW
2017 Lessons learned from the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, sudden oak death management program Cannon, Phil; Frankel, Susan J.; Angwin, Pete; PSW
2017 Longevity of active Phytophthora ramorum in terminal tree hosts following the removal of primary sporulating hosts Wylder, Barnaby; Biddle, Mick; Harris, Anna; Webber, Joan; PSW
2017 Long-term monitoring of sudden oak death in Marin County and the East Bay Hills McPherson, Brice A.; Biging, Greg; Kelly, Maggi; Wood, David L.; PSW
2017 Look again: Revising ideas about the greening of Alaska’s arctic tundra Koch, Geoffrey; Pattison, Robert; PNW
2017 Macro-scale assessment of demographic and environmental variation within genetically derived evolutionary lineages of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), an imperiled conifer of the eastern United States Prasad, Anantha M.; Potter, Kevin M.; NRS
2017 Management of foliar infection of Rhododendron by Phytophthora ramorum with film forming polymers and surfactants Peterson, Ebba K.; Larson, Eric; PSW
2017 Managing Phytophthora ramorum at Bloedel Reserve Strenge, Darren; Elliott, Marianne; Chastagner, Gary; Sclar, Casey; PSW
2017 Managing sudden oak death on federal lands in southwest Oregon: triumphs and challenges Goheen, Ellen Michaels PSW
2017 Mapping wilderness character in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Tricker, James; Schwaller, Ann; Hanson, Teresa; Mejicano, Elizabeth; Landres, Peter; RMRS
2017 Michigan forests 2014 Pugh, Scott A.; Heym, Douglas C.; Butler, Brett J.; Haugen, David E.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; McWilliams, William H.; Miles, Patrick D.; Morin, Randall S.; Nelson, Mark D.; Riemann, Rachel I.; Smith, James E.; Westfall, James A.; Woodall, Christopher W.; NRS
2017 Microsatellite analysis of the EU1 lineage of Phytophthora ramorum in Washington state nurseries, landscapes, and waterways Coats, Katie; Elliott, Marianne; Chastagner, Gary; PSW
2017 Modelling moose—forest interactions under different predation scenarios at Isle Royale National Park, USA De Jager, Nathan R.; Rohweder, Jason J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Fox, Timothy J.; Romanski, Mark C.; NRS
2017 Monitoring for pests and diseases in native oak woodlands: the case of acute oak decline in the United Kingdom Brown, Nathan; Parnell, Stephen; Bosch, Frank van den; Jeger, Mike; Denman, Sandra; PSW
2017 Monitoring streams and stormwater ponds for early detection of oomycete plant pathogens in western Washington, a citizen science project Elliott, Marianne; Rollins, Lucy; Chastagner, Gary; PSW
2017 Multi-temporal LiDAR and Landsat quantification of fire-induced changes to forest structure McCarley, T. Ryan; Kolden, Crystal A.; Vaillant, Nicole M.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Smith, Alistair M. S.; Wing, Brian M.; Kellogg, Bryce S.; Kreitler, Jason.; RMRS
2017 Next generation sequencing of oomycete communities in nursery irrigation water Eberhart, Joyce; Funahashi, Fumiaki; Foster, Zachary S.L.; Parke, Jennifer; PSW
2017 Novel interactions between wildfire and sudden oak death influence sexual and asexual regeneration in coast redwood forests Simler, Allison B.; Metz, Margaret R.; Meentemeyer, Ross K.; Frangioso, Kerri M.; Rizzo, David M.; PSW
2017 Phosphomolybdic acid and ferric iron as efficient electron mediators for coupling biomass pretreatment to produce bioethanol and electricity generation from wheat straw Ding, Yi; Du, Bo; Zhao, Xuebing; Zhu, J.Y.; Liu, Dehua; FPL
2017 Physical characteristics of shrub and conifer fuels for fire behavior models Gallacher, Jonathan R.; Fletcher, Thomas H.; Lansinger, Victoria; Hansen, Sydney; Ellsworth, Taylor; Weise, David R.; PSW
2017 Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora gonapodyides differently colonize and contribute to decay of California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) leaf litter in stream ecosystems Aram, Kamyar; Rizzo, David M.; PSW
2017 Phytophthora ramorum: update On the impact and wider consequences of the epidemic in Britain Webber, J.F. PSW
2017 Pilot program (proof of concept) to mitigate Phytophthora ramorum at an infested nursery based on a systems approach Chastagner, Gary; Elliott, Marianne; PSW
2017 Plentern mit Kiefern--Ergebnisse aus den USA [Plentering with pines--results from the United States] Guldin, James M.; Bragg, Don C.; Zingg, Andreas; SRS
2017 Potential susceptibility of Canadian flora to EU2 lineage of Phytophthora ramorum Shamoun, S.F.; Sumampong, G.; Rioux, D.; Schlenzig, A.; PSW
2017 Preempting the pathogen: Blister rust and proactive management of high-elevation pines Miller, Sue; Schoettle, Anna; Burns, Kelly; Sniezko, Richard; Champ, Patty; RMRS
2017 Proceedings of the sudden oak death sixth science symposium Frankel, Susan J.; Harrell, Katharine M.; PSW
2017 Reanalysis of global terrestrial vegetation trends from MODIS products: Browning or greening? Zhang, Yulong; Song, Conghe; Band, Lawrence E.; Sun, Ge; Li, Junxiang; SRS
2017 Reducing CO2 emissions by managing for sudden oak it possible? Twieg, Brendan; Valachovic, Yana; Cobb, Richard; Stark, Dan; PSW
2017 Relative heat sensitivities of certain Phytophthora spp. and the potential for soil solarization to disinfest nursery beds in West Coast states Parke, Jennifer L.; Funahashi, Fumiaki; Weidman, Clara; Peterson, Ebba K.; PSW
2017 Repeated burning alters the structure and composition of hardwood regeneration in oak-dominated forests of eastern Kentucky, USA Keyser, Tara L.; Arthur, Mary; Loftis, David L.; SRS
2017 Research on the quarantine pathogen Phytophthora ramorum at the National Ornamentals Research Site at Dominican University of California Schweigkofler, Wolfgang; Kosta, Kathleen; Pastalka, Tomas; Huffman, Vernon; Sharma, Supriya; Suslow, Karen; PSW
2017 Resequencing of the Phytophthora ramorum genome to characterize genetic variation and population dynamics of the invasive pathogen Yuzon, Jennifer; Rizzo, David M.; Malar C, Mathu; Tripathy, Sucheta; Kasuga, Takao; PSW
2017 Resilience of diversity-disease risk interactions following wildfire disturbance Gaydos, Devon A.; Pacifici, Krishna; Meentemeyer, Ross K.; Rizzo, David. M.; PSW
2017 Restoration of Mount Tamalpais forests destroyed by the sudden oak death pathogen Cobb, Richard C.; Rizzo, David M.; Frangioso, Kerri; Hartsough, Peter; Klein, Janet; Swezy, Mike; Williams, Andrea; Sanders, Carl; Frankel, Susan J.; PSW
2017 Restoration outplantings of nursery-origin Californian flora are heavily infested with Phytophthora Bourret, Tyler B.; Mehl, Heather K.; Rizzo, David M.; Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Hillman, Janell M.; PSW
2017 Rheological and thermo-mechanical properties of poly(lactic acid)/lignin-coated cellulose nanocrystal composites Gupta, Anju; Simmons, William; Schueneman, Gregory T.; Hylton, Donald; Mintz, Eric A.; FPL
2017 Rhododendron leaf baiting of coastal California watersheds for Phytophthora Bourret, Tyler B.; Mehl, Heather K.; Aram, Kamyar; Rizzo, David M.; PSW
2017 Science framework for conservation and restoration of the sagebrush biome: Linking the Department of the Interior’s Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy to long-term strategic conservation actions Chambers, J.C.; Beck, J.L.; Bradford, J.B.; Bybee, J.; Campbell, S.; Carlson, J.; Christiansen, T.J.; Clause, K.J.; Collins, G.; Crist, M.R.; Dinkins, J.B.; Doherty, K.E.; Edwards, F.; Espinosa, S.; Griffin, K.A.; Griffin, P.; Haas, J.R.; Hanser, S.E.; Havlina, D.W.; Henke, K.F.; Hennig, J.D.; Joyce, L.A.; Kilkenny, F.M.; Kulpa, S.M.; Kurth, L.L.; Maestas, J.D.; Manning, M.; Mayer, K.E.; Mealor, B.A.; McCarthy, C.; Pellant, M.; Perea, M.A.; Prentice, K.L.; Pyke, D.A.; Wiechman, L.A.; Wuenschel, A.; RMRS
2017 Sentinel plant monitoring of Phytophthora ramorum at a research nursery over a six-year-period indicates limited aerial pathogen spread Pastalka, Tomas; Suslow, Karen; Schweigkofler, Wolfgang; PSW
2017 Seven decades of change in forest structure and composition in Pinus resinosa forests in northern Minnesota, USA: Comparing managed and unmanaged conditions Young, Brian D.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Kern, Christel C.; Kastendick, Douglas N.; Palik, Brian J.; NRS
2017 Shape indexes for semi-automated detection of windbreaks in thematic tree cover maps from the central United States Liknes, Greg C.; Meneguzzo, Dacia M.; Kellerman, Todd A.; NRS
2017 Slowing spread of sudden oak death in Oregon forests, 2001–2015 Kanaskie, Alan; Wiese, Randy; Norlander, Danny; Laine, Jon; Navarro, Sarah; Goheen, Ellen Michaels; Rhatigan, Ron; Hansen, Everett; Sutton, Wendy; Reeser, Paul; Grunwald, Nik; Kamvar, Zhian; Osterbauer, Nancy; PSW
2017 Soil moisture and temperature conditions affect survival and sporulation capacity of Rhododendron leaf disks infested with Phytophthora ramorum Peterson, Ebba K.; Grünwald, Niklaus J.; ParkeSoil, Jennifer L.; PSW
2017 Solarization of reused pots is an inexpensive and efficient method to eliminate Phytophthora cactorum and other serious soilborne Phytophthora spp. found in production nurseries Suslow, K.; Sharma, S.; Kosta, K.; Weber, Kristina; Rooney-Latham, S.; PSW
2017 Steam, solarization, and tons of prevention: the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's fight to contain Phytophthoras in San Francisco Bay area restoration sites Lyman, Greg; Appel, Jessica; Ingolia, Mia; Natesan, Ellen; Ortiz, Joe; PSW
2017 Tailored and integrated production of carboxylated cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) with nanofibrils (CNF) through maleic acid hydrolysis Wang, Ruibin; Chen, Liheng; Zhu, J.Y.; Yang, Rendang; FPL
2017 Testing and implementing methods for managing Phytophthora root diseases in California native habitats and restoration sites Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; PSW
2017 Testing biological control agents for suppression of Phytophthora ramorum in potting mixes in a simulated nursery environment Elliott, Marianne; Chastagner, Gary; PSW
2017 The cutting practice level study at the Penobscot Experimental Forest in Maine Rogers, Nicole S.; Kenefic, Laura S.; NRS
2017 The effect of moisture on infection of Rhododendron 'Cunningham's White' and Viburnum tinus by zoospores of Phytophthora ramorum Tooley, Paul W.; Browning, Marsha; PSW
2017 The Evolution of USDA Forest Service Experimental Forest Research on Northern Conifers in the Northeast Kenefic, Laura S.; Rogers, Nicole S.; NRS
2017 The Golden Gate National Parks Phytophthora response plan Shor, Alisa; Doyle, John; Farrell, Sharon; Forrestel, Alison; Conforti, Christa; Stringer, Lew; Thomas, Terri; Sims, Laura Lee; PSW
2017 The impact of climate change on the characteristics of the frost-free season over the contiguous USA as projected by the NARCCAP model ensembles Zhong, Shiyuan; Yu, Lejiang; Winkler, Julie A.; Tang, Ying; Heilman, Warren E.; Bian, Xiandi.; NRS
2017 The implications of American chestnut reintroduction on landscape dynamics and carbon storage Gustafson, Eric J.; de Bruijn, Arjan; Lichti, Nathanael; Jacobs, Douglass F.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Foster, Jane; Miranda, Brian R.; Dalgleish, Harmony J.; NRS
2017 The power of living things: Living memorials as therapeutic landscapes McMillen, Heather L.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; NRS
2017 The tortoise and the hare: Reducing resource availability shifts competitive balance between plant species Pearson, Dean E.; Ortega, Yvette K.; Maron, John L.; RMRS
2017 Thermal inactivation of infested plants, nursery equipment, and soil is a management option for the treatment of Phytophthora ramorum, causal agent of sudden oak death Schweigkofler, Wolfgang; Huffman, Vernon; Suslow, Karen; Kosta, Kathleen; PSW
2017 This tree is not big enough for the both of us: symptoms of Phytophthora ramorum on California bay laurel are lower when insect herbivores are abundant Wininger, Kerry E.; Rank, Nathan; PSW
2017 Time pruning to avoid disease - black walnuts Van Sambeek, Jerry. NRS
2017 Transcriptome analysis of tanoak reveals divergent mechanisms of innate and phosphite-induced resistance to Phytophthora ramorum Eyre, Catherine A.; Hayden, Katherine J.; Croucher, Peter; Schechter, Shannon; Wright, Jessica W.; Garbelotto, Matteo; PSW
2017 Urban activities influence on Phytophthora species diversity in British Columbia, Canada Dale, Angela; Feau, Nicolas; Ponchart, Julien; Bilodeau, Guillaume; Berube, Jean; Hamelin, R.C.; PSW
2017 Validation of the bait test with Rhododendron leaves for Phytophthora diagnosis Junker, Corina; Werres, Sabine; PSW
2017 Vibrational spectroscopy-based chemometrics to map host resistance to sudden oak death Bonello, Pierluigi (Enrico); Conrad, Anna O.; Saona, Luis Rodriguez; McPherson, Brice A.; Wood, David L.; PSW
2016 Aboveground and belowground mammalian herbivores regulate the demography of deciduous woody species in conifer forests Endress, Bryan A.; Naylor, Bridgett J.; Pekin, Burak K.; Wisdom, Michael J.; PNW
2016 Arctic Vortex changes alter the sources and isotopic values of precipitation in northeastern US Puntsag, Tamir; Mitchell, Myron J.; Campbell, John L.; Klein, Eric S.; Likens, Gene E.; Welker, Jeffrey M.; NRS
2016 Boletus durhamensis sp. nov. from North Carolina Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz; Bessette, Alan E.; McConnell, Owen L.; NRS
2016 Effect of seedling stock on the early stand development and physiology of improved loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) seedlings Sharma, Shakuntala; Adams, Joshua P.; Schuler, Jamie L.; Ficklin, Robert L.; Bragg, Don C.; SRS
2016 Effects of a landscape disturbance on the habitat use and behavior of the black racer Howey, Christopher A. F.; Dickinson, Matthew B.; Roosenburg, Willem M.; NRS
2016 Linking hydroclimate to fish phenology and habitat use with ichthyographs Flitcroft, Rebecca L.; Lewis, Sarah L.; Arismendi, Ivan; LovellFord, Rachel; Santelmann, Mary V.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Grant, Gordon; Young, Kyle A.; PNW
2016 Long-term influence of alternative forest management treatments on total ecosystem and wood product carbon storage Puhlick, Joshua J.; Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Fernandez, Ivan J.; Fraver, Shawn; Kenefic, Laura S.; Seymour, Robert S.; Kolka, Randall K.; Rustad, Lindsey E.; Brissette, John C.; NRS
2016 Modeled ecohydrological responses to climate change at seven small watersheds in the northeastern United States Pourmokhtarian, Afshin; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Hayhoe, Katharine; Stoner, Anne M. K.; Adams, Mary Beth; Burns, Douglas; Fernandez, Ivan; Mitchell, Myron J.; Shanley, James B.; NRS
2016 Nitrate and dissolved organic carbon mobilization in response to soil freezing variability Fuss, Colin B.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Groffman, Peter M.; Campbell, John L.; Christenson, Lynn M.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fisk, Melany C.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Templer, Pamela H.; Durán, Jorge; Morse, Jennifer L.; NRS
2016 The effects of climate downscaling technique and observational data set on modeled ecological responses Pourmokhtarian, Afshin; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Hayhoe, Katharine; Stoner, Anne M. K.; NRS
2016 US exposure to multiple landscape stressors and climate change Kerns, Becky K.; Kim, John B.; Kline, Jeffrey D.; Day, Michelle A.; PNW
2015 Morphology and accumulation of epicuticular wax on needles of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii) Harrington, Constance A.; Carlson, William C.; PNW
2015 Recovery from chronic and snowmelt acidification: Long-term trends in stream and soil water chemistry at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA Fuss, Colin B.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; NRS
2012 The effect of seasonal drying on sulphate dynamics in streams across southeastern Canada and the northeastern USA Kerr, J.G.; Eimers, M.C.; Creed, I.F.; Adams, M.B.; Beall, F.; Burns, D.; Campbell, J.L.; Christopher, S.F.; Clair, T.A.; Courchesne, F.; Duchesne, L.; Fernandez, I.; Houle, D.; Jeffries, D.S.; Likens, G.E.; Mitchell, M.J.; Shanley, J.; Yao, H.; NRS
2001 Productivity of early successional shrubland birds in clearcuts and groupcuts in an eastern deciduous forest King, David I.; DeGraaf, Richard M.; Griffin, Curtice R.; NRS
1999 An analysis of potential stream fish and fish habitat monitoring procedures for the Inland Northwest: Annual Report 1999 Peterson, James T.; Wollrab, Sherry P.; RMRS
1997 A research perspective on white-tailed deer overabundance in the northeastern United States Healy, William M.; deCalesta, David S.; Stout, Susan L.; NRS
1997 Relative deer density and sustainability: a conceptual framework for integrating deer management with ecosystem management deCalesta, David S.; Stout, Susan L.; NRS
1996 An inexpensive compact automatic camera system for wildlife research Danielson, William R.; DeGraaf, Richard M.; Fuller, Todd K.; NRS
1995 Nest predation rates in managed and reserved extensive northern hardwood forests DeGraaf, Richard M. NRS
1994 Deer and diversity in Allegheny hardwood forests: managing an unlikely challenge deCalesta, David S. NRS
1994 Effect of white-tailed deer on songbirds within managed forests in Pennsylvania deCalesta, David S. NRS
1992 Fire ecology of the forest habitat types of eastern Idaho and western Wyoming Bradley, Anne F.; Fischer, William C.; Noste, Nonan V.; RMRS
1991 Winter foraging guild structure and habitat associations in suburban bird communities DeGraaf, Richard M. NRS
1984 Reforestation of mined land in the northeastern and north-central U.S. Davidson, Walter H.; Hutnik, Russell J.; Parr, Delbert E.; NRS
1982 Effects of repeated precommercial thinnings in central hardwood sapling stands Hilt, Donald E.; Dale, Martin E.; NRS
1982 Seasonal food selection and digestibility by tame white-tailed deer in central Maine Crawford, Hewlette S. NRS
1973 Comparison of fall and spring planting on strip-mine spoils in the bituminous region of Pennsylvania Davis, Grant. NRS
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