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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 A Contribution to the Taxonomy of Rhizochaete (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) Nakasone, Karen K.; Draeger, Kymberly R.; Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz; NRS
2017 An assessment of Japanese stiltgrass in northern U.S. forests Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Hansen, Mark H.; NRS
2017 Are colorimetric assays appropriate for measuring phenol oxidase activity in peat soils? Wiedermann, Magdalena M.; Kane, Evan S.; Veverica, Timothy J.; Lilleskov, Erik A.; NRS
2017 Differential sensitivity to climate change of C and N cycling processes across soil horizons in a northern hardwood forest Durán, Jorge; Morse, Jennifer L.; Rodríguez, Alexandra; Campbell, John L.; Christenson, Lynn M.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fisk, Melany C.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Templer, Pamela H.; Groffman, Peter M.; NRS
2017 Elevational range shifts in four mountain ungulate species from the Swiss Alps Büntgen, Ulf; Greuter, Lucie; Bollmann, Kurt; Jenny, Hannes; Liebhold, Andrew; Galván, J. Diego; Stenseth, Nils C.; Andrew, Carrie; Mysterud, Atle; NRS
2017 How does temperature affect forest "fungus breath"? Diurnal non-exponential temperature-respiration relationship, and possible longer-term acclimation in fungal sporocarps Lilleskov, Erik A. NRS
2017 Macro-scale assessment of demographic and environmental variation within genetically derived evolutionary lineages of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), an imperiled conifer of the eastern United States Prasad, Anantha M.; Potter, Kevin M.; NRS
2017 Modelling moose—forest interactions under different predation scenarios at Isle Royale National Park, USA De Jager, Nathan R.; Rohweder, Jason J.; Miranda, Brian R.; Sturtevant, Brian R.; Fox, Timothy J.; Romanski, Mark C.; NRS
2017 The power of living things: Living memorials as therapeutic landscapes McMillen, Heather L.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; NRS
2016 Arctic Vortex changes alter the sources and isotopic values of precipitation in northeastern US Puntsag, Tamir; Mitchell, Myron J.; Campbell, John L.; Klein, Eric S.; Likens, Gene E.; Welker, Jeffrey M.; NRS
2016 Boletus durhamensis sp. nov. from North Carolina Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz; Bessette, Alan E.; McConnell, Owen L.; NRS
2016 Effects of a landscape disturbance on the habitat use and behavior of the black racer Howey, Christopher A. F.; Dickinson, Matthew B.; Roosenburg, Willem M.; NRS
2016 Long-term influence of alternative forest management treatments on total ecosystem and wood product carbon storage Puhlick, Joshua J.; Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Fernandez, Ivan J.; Fraver, Shawn; Kenefic, Laura S.; Seymour, Robert S.; Kolka, Randall K.; Rustad, Lindsey E.; Brissette, John C.; NRS
2016 Modeled ecohydrological responses to climate change at seven small watersheds in the northeastern United States Pourmokhtarian, Afshin; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Hayhoe, Katharine; Stoner, Anne M. K.; Adams, Mary Beth; Burns, Douglas; Fernandez, Ivan; Mitchell, Myron J.; Shanley, James B.; NRS
2016 Nitrate and dissolved organic carbon mobilization in response to soil freezing variability Fuss, Colin B.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Groffman, Peter M.; Campbell, John L.; Christenson, Lynn M.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fisk, Melany C.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Templer, Pamela H.; Durán, Jorge; Morse, Jennifer L.; NRS
2016 The effects of climate downscaling technique and observational data set on modeled ecological responses Pourmokhtarian, Afshin; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; Hayhoe, Katharine; Stoner, Anne M. K.; NRS
2015 Recovery from chronic and snowmelt acidification: Long-term trends in stream and soil water chemistry at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA Fuss, Colin B.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Campbell, John L.; NRS
2012 The effect of seasonal drying on sulphate dynamics in streams across southeastern Canada and the northeastern USA Kerr, J.G.; Eimers, M.C.; Creed, I.F.; Adams, M.B.; Beall, F.; Burns, D.; Campbell, J.L.; Christopher, S.F.; Clair, T.A.; Courchesne, F.; Duchesne, L.; Fernandez, I.; Houle, D.; Jeffries, D.S.; Likens, G.E.; Mitchell, M.J.; Shanley, J.; Yao, H.; NRS
1973 Comparison of fall and spring planting on strip-mine spoils in the bituminous region of Pennsylvania Davis, Grant. NRS
1973 Performance of red pine and Japanese larch planted on anthracite coal-breaker refuse Czapowskyj, Miroslaw M. NRS
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