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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the Blue Mountains Halofsky, Jessica E.; Peterson, David L.; PNW
2017 Community biomass handbook volume 4: enterprise development for integrated wood manufacturing Lowell, Eini; Becker, D.R.; Smith, D.; Kauffman, M.; Bihn, D.; PNW
2017 Look again: Revising ideas about the greening of Alaska’s arctic tundra Koch, Geoffrey; Pattison, Robert; PNW
2017 Mortality predictions of fire-injured large Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine in Oregon and Washington, USA Ganio, Lisa M.; Progar, Robert A.; PNW
2017 There’s carbon in them thar hills: But how much? Could Pacific Northwest forests store more? Watts, Andrea; Gray, Andrew; Whittier, Thomas.; PNW
2016 A range extension for Carex sartwellii in interior Alaska Winterstein, Mark; Hollingsworth, Teresa N; Parker, Carolyn; PNW
2016 Aboveground and belowground mammalian herbivores regulate the demography of deciduous woody species in conifer forests Endress, Bryan A.; Naylor, Bridgett J.; Pekin, Burak K.; Wisdom, Michael J.; PNW
2016 Climate-growth relationships along a black spruce toposequence in Interior Alaska Wolken, Jane M.; Mann, Daniel H.; Grant, Thomas A.; Lloyd, Andrea H.; Rupp, T. Scott; Hollingsworth, Teresa N.; PNW
2016 Decision support for the integrated restoration and protection strategy of the Forest Service, Northern Region Reynolds, Keith; Bollenbacher, Barry; Fisher, Chip; Hart, Melissa; Manning, Mary; Henderson, Eric; Sims, Bruce.; PNW
2016 Determinants of conifer distributions across peatland to forest gradients in the coastal temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska Bisbing, Sarah M.; Cooper, David J.; D'Amore, David V.; Marshall, Kristin N.; PNW
2016 Linking hydroclimate to fish phenology and habitat use with ichthyographs Flitcroft, Rebecca L.; Lewis, Sarah L.; Arismendi, Ivan; LovellFord, Rachel; Santelmann, Mary V.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Grant, Gordon; Young, Kyle A.; PNW
2016 Multiple health benefits of urban tree canopy: The mounting evidence for a green prescription Ulmer, Jared M.; Wolf, Kathleen L.; Backman, Desiree R.; Tretheway, Raymond L.; Blain, Cynthia JA; O’Neil-Dunne, Jarlath PM; Frank, Lawrence D.; PNW
2016 US exposure to multiple landscape stressors and climate change Kerns, Becky K.; Kim, John B.; Kline, Jeffrey D.; Day, Michelle A.; PNW
2015 Contributor to chapter 1, “Amphibian Conservation.” In: What works in conservation: 2015 Olson, Deanna PNW
2015 Morphology and accumulation of epicuticular wax on needles of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii) Harrington, Constance A.; Carlson, William C.; PNW
2005 California black oak response to nitrogen amendment at a high O3, nitrogen-saturated site Grulke, Nancy; Dobrowolski, W.; Mingus, P.; Fenn, M.E.; PNW
2004 Stomata open at night in pole-sized and mature ponderosa pine: implications for O3 exposure metrics Grulke, Nancy; Alonso, R.; Nguyen, T.; Cascio, C.; Dobrowolski, W.; PNW
2003 Variation in morphological and biochemical O3 injury attributes of mature Jeffrey pine within canopies and between microsites Grulke, Nancy; Johnson, R.; Monschein, S.; Nikolova, P.; Tausz, M.; PNW
2002 A statistical approach to estimate O3 uptake of ponderosa pine in a mediterranean climate Grulke, N.E.; Preisler, H.K.; Fan, C.C.; Retzlaff, W.A.; PNW
2002 O3 uptake and drought stress effects on carbon acquisition of ponderosa pine in natural stands Grulke, N.E.; Preisler, H.K.; Rose, C.; Kirsch, J.; Balduman, L.; PNW
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