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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 Asymmetric hybridization between non-native winter moth, Operophtera brumata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), and native Bruce spanworm, Operophtera bruceata, in the Northeastern United States, assessed with novel microsatellites and SNPs Havill, N.P.; Elkinton, J.; Andersen, J.C.; Hagen, S.B.; Broadley, Hannah J.; Boettner, G.J.; Caccone, A.; NRS
2017 Isolation and characterization of a floral homeotic gene in Fraxinus nigra causing earlier flowering and homeotic alterations in transgenic Arabidopsis Lee, Jun Hyung; Pijut, Paula M.; NRS
2017 Predicting the spread of all invasive forest pests in the United States Hudgins, Emma J.; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Leung, Brian; Early, Regan; NRS
2015 To treat or not to treat: Diminishing effectiveness of emamectin benzoate tree injections in ash trees heavily infested by emerald ash borer Flower, Charles E.; Dalton, Jennifer E.; Knight, Kathleen S.; Brikha, Marie; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel A.; NRS
2004 Interspecific synchrony among foliage-feeding forest Lepidoptera species and the potential role of generalist predators as synchronizing agents Raimondo, Sandy; Turcáni, Marek; Patoèka, Jan; Liebhold, Andrew M.; NRS
2004 Leaf longevity of 0xalis acetosella (0xalidaceae) in the Catskill Mountains, New York, USA Tessier, Jack T. NRS
2004 Modelling in forest management Twery, Mark J. NRS
2004 Topographic home ranges of white-tailed deer in the central Appalachians Campbell, Tyler A.; Laseter, Benjamin R.; Ford, W. Mark; Miller, Karl V.; NRS
2001 A new method for wireless video monitoring of bird nests King, David I.; DeGraaf, Richard M.; Champlin, Paul J.; Champlin, Tracey B.; NRS
2000 Impact of harvesting and atmospheric pollution on nutrient depletion of eastern US hardwood forests Adams, M.B.; Burger, J.A.; Jenkins, A.B.; Zelazny, L.; NRS
1999 Acidic deposition and sustainable forest management in the central Appalachians, USA Adams, Mary Beth. NRS
1996 Decomposition and nutrient dynamics of hardwood leaf litter in the Fernow Whole-Watershed Acidification Experiment Adams, M.B.; Angradi, T.R.; NRS
1993 Artificial watershed acidification on the Fernow Experimental Forest, USA Adams, M.B.; Edwards, P.J.; Wood, F.; Kochenderfer, J.N.; NRS
1993 Plant water relations and the effects of elevated CO2: a review and suggestions for future research Tyree, Melvin T.; Alexander, John D.; NRS
1991 Effects of ozone and acidic deposition on carbon allocation and mycorrhizal colonization of Pinus taeda L. seedlings Adams, M.B.; O'Neill, E.G.; NRS
1990 Growth of five families of Pinus taeda L. during three years of ozone exposure Adams, M.B.; Kelly, J.M.; Taylor, G.E. Jr.; Edwards, N.T.; NRS
1989 Effect of simulated insect damage on growth and survival of northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) seedlings Wright, Susan L.; Hall, Richard W.; Peacock, John W.; NRS
1989 Vegetation re-establishment on a hardwood forest site denuded by brine Walters, R.S.; Auchmoody, L.R.; NRS
1988 Attraction of acorn-infesting Cydia latiferreana (lepidoptera:tortricidae) to pheromone-baited traps Peacock, J.W.; Wright, S.L.; Galford, J.R.; NRS
1988 Effects of simulated acid rain, ozone and sulfur dioxide on suitability of elms for elm leaf beetle Hall, Richard W.; Barger, Jack H.; Townsend, Alden M.; NRS
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