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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 Climate change and the eco-hydrology of fire: Will area burned increase in a warming western USA? McKenzie, Donald; Littell, Jeremy S.; PNW
2017 Evaluating ecological monitoring of civic environmental stewardship in the Green-Duwamish watershed, Washington Sheppard, Jacob C.; Ryan, Clare M.; Blahna, Dale J.; PNW
2016 Area burned in alpine treeline ecotones reflects region-wide trends Cansler, C. Alina; McKenzie, Donald; Halpern, Charles B.; PNW
2016 Decision support for the integrated restoration and protection strategy of the Forest Service, Northern Region Reynolds, Keith; Bollenbacher, Barry; Fisher, Chip; Hart, Melissa; Manning, Mary; Henderson, Eric; Sims, Bruce.; PNW
2016 Natural areas as a basis for assessing ecosystem vulnerability to climate change Massie, Margaret H.; Wilson, Todd M.; Morzillo, Anita T.; Henderson, Emilie B.; PNW
2005 California black oak response to nitrogen amendment at a high O3, nitrogen-saturated site Grulke, Nancy; Dobrowolski, W.; Mingus, P.; Fenn, M.E.; PNW
2004 Stomata open at night in pole-sized and mature ponderosa pine: implications for O3 exposure metrics Grulke, Nancy; Alonso, R.; Nguyen, T.; Cascio, C.; Dobrowolski, W.; PNW
2003 Variation in morphological and biochemical O3 injury attributes of mature Jeffrey pine within canopies and between microsites Grulke, Nancy; Johnson, R.; Monschein, S.; Nikolova, P.; Tausz, M.; PNW
2002 A statistical approach to estimate O3 uptake of ponderosa pine in a mediterranean climate Grulke, N.E.; Preisler, H.K.; Fan, C.C.; Retzlaff, W.A.; PNW
2002 O3 uptake and drought stress effects on carbon acquisition of ponderosa pine in natural stands Grulke, N.E.; Preisler, H.K.; Rose, C.; Kirsch, J.; Balduman, L.; PNW
2002 Summer-time distribution of air pollutants in Sequoia National Park, California Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Tausz, Michael; Alonso, Rocio; Jones, David; Johnson, Ronald; Grulke, Nancy.; PNW
2001 Changes in physiological attributes of ponderosa pine from seedling to mature tree Grulke, Nancy E.; Retzlaff, William A.; PNW
2001 Seasonal changes in above- and belowground carbohydrate concentrations of ponderosa pine along a pollution gradient Grulke, Nancy E.; Andersen, Chris P.; Hogsett, William E.; PNW
1999 Deciduous conifers: high n deposition and o3 exposure effects on growth and biomass allocation in ponderosa pine Grulke, Nancy; Balduman, L.; PNW
1998 Ozone exposure and nitrogen deposition lowers root biomass of ponderosa pine in the San Bernardino Mountains, California Grulke, Nancy; Andersen, C.P.; Fenn, M.E.; Miller, P.R.; PNW
1996 Response of giant sequoia canopy foliage to elevated concentrations of atmospheric ozone Grulke, Nancy; Miller, P.R.; Scioli, D.; PNW
1994 Air pollution effects on giant sequoia ecosystems. Miller, P.R.; Grulke, Nancy; Stolte, K.W.; PNW
1994 Transient nature of CO2 fertilization in arctic tundra Oechel, Walter C.; Cowles, Sid; Grulke, Nancy; Hastings, Steven J.; Lawrence, Bill; Prudhomme, Tom; Riechers, George; Strain, Boyd; Tissue, David; Vourlitis, George.; PNW
1993 Physiological adjustment of two full-sib families of ponderosa pine to elevated CO2 Grulke, Nancy; Hom, J.L.; Roberts, S.W.; PNW
1993 Recent change of artic tundra ecosystems from a net carbon dioxide sink to a source Oechel, Walter C.; Hastings, Steven J.; Vourlitis, George; Jenkins, Mitchell; Riechers, George; Grulke, Nancy; PNW
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