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TitleAuthorsPrimary Station
2017 Divergent population genetic structure of the endangered Helianthemum (Cistaceae) and its implication to conservation in northwestern China Su, Zhihao; Richardson, Bryce A.; Zhuo, Li; Jiang, Xiaolong; RMRS
2017 Early forest thinning changes aboveground carbon distribution among pools, but not total amount Schaedel, Michael S.; Larson, Andrew J.; Affleck, David L. R.; Belote, Travis; Goodburn, John M.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; RMRS
2017 Spectral evidence of early-stage spruce beetle infestation in Engelmann spruce Foster, Adrianna C.; Walter, Jonathan A.; Shugart, Herman H.; Sibold, Jason; Negron, Jose; RMRS
2017 Using environmental features to model highway crossing behavior of Canada lynx in the Southern Rocky Mountains Baigas, Phillip E.; Squires, John R.; Olson, Lucretia E.; Ivan, Jacob S.; Roberts, Elizabeth. K.; RMRS
2016 A dolichopodid hotspot: Montana's Milligan Creek Canyon Runyon, Justin B. RMRS
2016 A review of precipitation and temperature control on seedling emergence and establishment for ponderosa and lodgepole pine forest regeneration Petrie, M. D.; Wildeman, A. M.; Bradford, J. B.; Hubbard, Robert; Lauenroth, W. K.; RMRS
2016 Are high elevation pines equally vulnerable to climate change-induced mountain pine beetle attack? Bentz, Barbara J.; Eidson, Erika L.; RMRS
2016 Assessing phenological synchrony between the Chinese sawfly, Cephus fumipennis, its egg-larval parasitoid, Collyria catoptron, and the North American sawfly, Cephus cinctus: Implications for biological control Rand, Tatyana A.; Morrill, Wendell L.; Runyon, Justin B.; Hoelmer, Kim A.; Shanower, Thomas G.; Littlefield, Jeffrey L.; Weaver, David K.; RMRS
2016 Development of single-nucleotide polymorphism markers for Bromus tectorum (Poaceae) from a partially sequenced transcriptome Merrill, Keith R.; Coleman, Craig E.; Meyer, Susan E.; Leger, Elizabeth A.; Collins, Katherine A.; RMRS
2016 Does zoning winter recreationists reduce recreation conflict? Miller, Aubrey D.; Vaske, Jerry J.; Squires, John R.; Olson, Lucretia E.; RMRS
2016 Forest fuels and predicted fire behavior in the first 5 years after a bark beetle outbreak with and without timber harvest (Project INT-EM-F-11-04) [Chapter 12] Sieg, Carolyn; Allen, Kurt; Hoffman, Chad; McMillin, Joel; RMRS
2016 Mountain peatlands range from CO2 sinks at high elevations to sources at low elevations: Implications for a changing climate Millar, David J.; Cooper, David J.; Dwire, Kathleen A.; Hubbard, Robert M.; von Fischer, Joseph.; RMRS
2016 Multi-scale habitat relationships of snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus) in the mixed conifer landscape of the Northern Rockies, USA: Cross-scale effects of horizontal cover with implications for forest management Holbrook, Joseph D.; Squires, John R.; Olson, Lucretia E.; Lawrence, Rick L.; Savage, Shannon L.; RMRS
2016 Rapid-response tools and datasets for post-fire remediation: Linking remote sensing and process-based hydrological models Miller, M. E.; Elliot, William; Billmire, M.; Robichaud, Pete; Endsley, K. A.; RMRS
2016 Species can be named from photos Pape, Thomas; Allison, Allen; Bickel, Daniel J.; Dikow, Torsten; Donegan, Thomas; Duszynski, Donald W.; El-Hawagry, Magdi S.; Evenhuis, Neal L.; Fautin, Daphne G.; Gaimari, Stephen D.; Gharali, Babak; Greenwalt, Dale E.; Kaiser, Hinrich; Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H.; Lamas, Gerardo; Lonsdale, Owen; Mah, Christopher; Marshall, Stephen A.; Meier, Rudolf; Ohl, Michael; Patterson, David J.; Penev, Lyubomir; Pentcheff, N. Dean; Pyle, Richard L.; Rubinoff, Daniel J.; Runyon, Justin; Tallowin, Oliver; Thorpe, Stephen; Nanjing, Bo Wang; Welter-Schultes, Francisco; Yanega, Douglas; Yang, Ding; Hangzhou, Gang Yao; Yeung, Norine W.; RMRS
2016 The growing knowledge base for limber pine - recent advances Schoettle, Anna W. RMRS
2015 A rapid response database in support of post-fire hydrological modeling Miller, Mary Ellen; Elliot, William J.; RMRS
2015 Influence of climate on the growth of quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) in Colorado and southern Wyoming Dudley, M. M.; Negron, Jose; Tisserat, N. A.; Shepperd, W. D.; Jacobi, W. R.; RMRS
2000 Endemic forest disturbances and stand structure of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) in the Upper Pine Creek Research Natural Area, South Dakota, USA Lundquist, John E.; Negron, Jose F.; RMRS
1999 Estimating extent of mortality associated with the Douglas-fir beetle in the Central and Northern Rockies Negron, Jose F.; Schaupp, Willis C. Jr.; Gibson, Kenneth E.; Anhold, John; Hansen, Dawn; Thier, Ralph; Mocettini, Phil; RMRS
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